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Headless CMS Content Management System

Design, deploy, and manage experiences for all your digital sales channels with fabric XM, a headless e-commerce CMS.

Headless CMS Content Management System
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Memorable experiences, simply managed

Merchandisers and marketers can manage buying experiences across websites, mobile apps, and other digital sales channels (heads) from a single content management system.

Headless e-commerce CMS editor in fabric XM
An image of the headless e-commerce CMS global elements feature in fabric XM

Design once, deploy anywhere

Design and develop components in your preferred frontend coding language. These are the building blocks that merchandisers and marketers use to create pages for products, promotions, and campaigns.

Bring backend technology forward

You’ve built a powerful e-commerce backend to support the future of commerce within your organization. fabric XM brings this technology to life on the frontend with a headless e-commerce CMS.

An image of the headless e-commerce CMS page management feature in fabric XM
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Headless CMS

Separate the presentation layer (head) from your commerce backend to scale experience management.

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Frontend agnostic

Utilize any frontend framework such as React, Angular, and Vue to build reusable design components.

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Scheduling and versioning

Create, update, schedule, and publish pages for your campaigns. Revert to previous versions if needed.

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Page builder

Manage multi-site, multi-brand, and multi-channel content syndication.

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Live preview

Publish content with confidence with a live preview (WYSIWYG) visual experience.

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Search engine optimization

Optimize page titles, meta descriptions, and image alternate text with simple configurations.


Learn more about our headless e-commerce CMS

  • How do business users and developers work together in fabric XM?

    Business users like marketers and merchandisers discuss with designers and developers the type of experience they want to build for a single channel or multiple channels. After the designer proposes a solution and business users sign off, the developer creates reusable components inside fabric XM. These components can be used and reused by business users when creating new pages for various channels. To create a page, no coding is required.

  • Do I need to use other fabric services to use fabric XM?

    No. You can use any custom or third-party commerce services you like. fabric believes in modularity and breaking down monolithic platforms. In the spirit of this, you can incorporate data from distinct modules (i.e. third-party SaaS) into the experience. Pull data from anywhere into fabric XM.

  • Why did you build fabric XM?

    People browse multiple channels before buying a product and expect consistent experiences across these channels. With fabric XM, business users can build experiences to support omnichannel commerce. Developers can also implement agile design by creating reusable design components and using one set of data and APIs for every channel.

  • Where can I learn more about the fabric XM application and APIs?

    You can learn more about the fabric XM application in our knowledgebase and corresponding APIs in our docs.

Connect commerce to experience

Realize any buying experience with fabric XM