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The Modern Way to Commerce

Commerce is about social dealings between people that can happen between any person in any circumstance. We aim to facilitate these dealings with our commerce platform called fabric. Building fabric requires teammates as diverse as the people it serves and we welcome job applications from anyone aligned with our vision and values.

We work & build as if we are customers

As many of us have been former customers, we leverage our collective experience to build, market, sell and deliver our products as if we, ourselves, are the customer. We optimize our thinking and execution to benefit our customers and we work as if our customers are sitting at the table with us. We are only happy if every customer is happy.

We are self-aware

While we have an extremely experienced team, we do not take ourselves too seriously. We are humble and fully recognize our strengths and weaknesses and appreciate that learning happens every day, even in the most unpredictable times and places. We debate as if we know the answer, but we listen as if we don’t.

We take ownership

Collectively, we operate day to day as if the future of the company rests on our shoulders. We pitch-in when colleagues need help, and do not turn our backs on efforts that are outside our purview– “Not my/our job” is not in our vocabulary. We have perspective that we work for a startup and that our journey will be adventurous. We take a positive approach to the work that needs to be accomplished.

Individually, we embrace the role we were hired to do and take full accountability for both successes and failures.

We seek to understand

Success starts by actively listening to understand and requires an appreciation of other perspectives, regardless of urgency or authority. We respect and acknowledge each other’s point of view in order to identify and deliver the best solutions as a team.

We honor our commitments

We understand that trust is earned and easily broken. We need to honor the commitments we make when it comes to our team members and to our customers.

We hire & develop top talent

We will hire the best talent across the globe and are committed to developing our team members so that they operate at a world-class level. We will perform better for our customers when we create an inclusive environment which supports both opportunity to grow and allows individuals to challenge themselves and others around them to achieve fabric’s mission.

We move the needle

We own our own respective businesses and take pride in making it successful. We prioritize relentlessly to not just move the needle, but move it forward. We take immediate, thoughtful and measured action, and are quick to adapt to the changing world.

We boldly embrace challenging goals

We understand that in order to deliver a world class product we can’t settle for “good enough”. We insist on the best from ourselves and from our team. We set goals outside of our comfort zone that drive us to innovate in order to reach them.

We respectfully disagree & graciously commit

We will relentlessly pursue the right approach to building and executing on behalf of our customers. When we disagree, we will do so respectfully and collegially, recognizing we are all on the same team. When a decision is made, we will graciously accept and commit to the path forward as if it were our own idea.


We’re building a team that’s equally passionate about technology, growth, and serving customers. Help us build the most important commerce platform in the world.

This is a photo of a team collaborating together in a bright office space
This is a photo of a team collaborating together in a bright office space