Grow revenue with dropshipping

dropship graphic that shows each audience the product benefits

fabric Dropship is the fastest solution to expand your catalog with curated products at no inventory risk.

dropship graphic that shows each audience the product benefits


Why fabric Dropship?



Get professional advice from our in-house team of ex-retail and e-commerce professionals with decades of experience.

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time to value

Start selling new categories in just a few weeks with EDI or API connectors to Shopify and BigCommerce.

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Simplify your dropshipping operations with our powerful, out-of-the-box capabilities and a modular technology architecture.

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fabric Dropship is for retailers

Rapidly launch, operate, and scale curated assortments from an unlimited number of dropship suppliers.


Increase selection

Complete your collection by selling complementary products from likeminded brands.


Sell more, faster

Onboard new SKUs faster and start selling products your customers are buying elsewhere.


Reduce inventory risk

Skip the inventory overhead and logistics hurdles and focus on what you do best—selling.


fabric Dropship is for vendors

Expand your reach, maximize your brand and grow your business with fabric Dropship.


Build meaningful connections

Let us help you find the right partners for your brand and products. Already have retail partners? Refer them to fabric!


Rapidly sell and grow

Join thousands of brands in their next stage of growth by selling with established retailers.


Discover new audiences

Grow brand awareness and sell more to new customers.


Expert guidance at every step along the way

We’re a team of e-commerce professionals who have been in your shoes before and are ready to partner with you from concept to execution.


Dropshipping strategy

Our team of experienced merchandisers can help you identify assortment opportunities and set goals and success measures for your dropship program.


Sourcing services

Sign up with fabric Dropship and get expert help in finding the right products and the right partners for your strategic growth.


High-touch onboarding

Our proven onboarding process saves you time to onboard new vendors letting your focus on core business.


Technical support

Our customer support team is skilled at resolving customer issues, recommending solutions, and guiding you through the features and capabilities of the fabric Dropship Platform.

Snipes Jenna Posner Jenna Posner Chief Digital Officer
Our experience with the fabric team has been pretty remarkable in a lot of ways. This is our first foray in to marketplace so with that comes selecting technology, but also learning the nuances of what it means to stand up a marketplace. What's been fantastic about the team is having industry experts that not only understand the technology but have sat in my seat before.
The Honest Company Jana Schuster Jana Schuster VP, Digital Innovation & eCommerce
We selected fabric as a partner to launch our marketplace - because of their experience, their support & speed. So far it's been great partnering with fabric. It's been a really collaborative approach and the platform has been more user friendly & seamless than I even expected, especially given some of the other partners we have worked with.
EnableAll Keith Cooper Keith Cooper Managing Director
One of the reasons we chose fabric (Dropship) is that fundamentally we needed a platform that gave us the agility and flexibility we could adapt and configure ourselves, in order to understand how we could use each component. fabric's ways of working and modular system gave us the ease of use that allowed us to try & test at a great rate of frequency.
Brooklinen Michela Vinton Michela Vinton Buyer
fabric Dropship has enabled Brooklinen.com to offer our customers the ability to furnish the whole room and not just the bedding, with no additional inventory risk. It’s a win-win for Brooklinen and our customers.
Motherhood Maternity Sara Riley Sara Riley Sr. Director of Marketplace
The fabric team has a breadth of experience operating marketplaces, and have collaborated with the team on brand and merchandising strategies, which resulted in $200K in incremental revenue in the first 6 months.
A Pea in the Pod Erin Downing Erin Downing AVP of Merchandising
fabric Dropship enabled A Pea in the Pod to compliment our assortment and capture the entire lifecycle of our customer. By working with fabric we were able to free up dollars to invest back into our own product lines.

Grow Your Business with fabric Dropship

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Move faster with fabric partners

Save implementation time and simplify your workflows so you can focus on business priorities.

dropship graphic showing what the product integrates with
dropship graphic showing what the product integrates with

Get started with fabric Dropship today



Add new vendors and products fast with multiple connection options- EDI, CSV, API connectors (Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce).



Stay in control of your customer experience with event notifications when a customer places an order, the vendor ships the order, and more.



Review business performance and partner with more brands. Our Services team can help you navigate product and vendor selection.

Featured articles


  • What is fabric Dropship?

    fabric Drophsip is a Commerce as a Service (CaaS) solution that enables retailers and suppliers to connect, creating additional streams of revenue for both parties. For retailers, fabric Dropship is an all-inclusive solution for seamless product assortment expansion via a network of dropship-capable suppliers. For suppliers, fabric Dropship offers a rapid and friction-free expansion of digital selling channels. fabric Dropship provides all the technology necessary to drive incremental revenue streams, ensure best-in-class customer experiences, and integrate into any e-commerce stack.

  • What is dropshipping?

    Dropshipping is when a retailer fulfills orders via a third-party supplier who ships products directly to the customer on their behalf. The retailer does not hold inventory of this product and typically the customer is unaware that their product was sourced differently than traditional inventory.

  • Who is fabric Dropship for?

    fabric Dropship is an effective way to grow revenue for any business that sells a product. Most companies leverage dropship inventory to complement a traditional e-commerce model, but many companies have grown $100M+ businesses in under 15 months solely through dropship inventory.

  • What are the benefits of dropshipping?

    Dropshipping enables a retailer to grow its revenue through low-risk and low-cost inventory. The time to market for dropship inventory is considerably faster than traditional inventory, which means greater flexibility and time-to-market. Dropshipping products can also be strategically leveraged for heavy and bulky products, reducing supply chain costs and resources. Retailers can expand their product assortment without the upfront investment of manufacturing and massive product orders.

fabric Dropship Platform Features

Vendor management

Invite, manage, and grow your network of brand partners.

vendor (1)

Vendor onboarding

Invite vendors to your store and connect with just a few clicks.

  • Send vendor invitations
  • Get assistance from a vendor onboarding specialist
  • Track onboarding progress on the vendor dashboard

Vendor performance

Monitor and track the performance of vendors by the number of orders, ship speed, and incidents.


Vendor payments

Manage vendor payments and keep a record of remittances.

Catalog curation

Onboard new products with complete merchandising control.


Products listing

Quickly onboard new products, control data quality and manage listings delivering a seamless customer experience on your storefront.

Product onboarding

Connect with your vendors via EDI, API, CSV, or web portal and onboard products with just a few clicks.

Merchandising control

Advanced merchandising controls allow setting rules to transform the incoming data so customers get the desired shopping experience.

Catalog curation

Review and approve vendor proposals on products and pricing, and take control of the assortment of products you sell in your store.

Women's Running Shoes

Virtual Inventory

Get a real-time view of supplier inventory, so you never run out of stock or oversell again.

View inventory positions

See real-time inventory positions on your dashboard – by SKU and by vendor.

Automate inventory updates

Connect vendor inventory through EDI (846), flat files, or APIs.

Get inventory event notifications

Configure notifications for critical inventory events and out-of-compliance items.

Transaction management

Route orders to suppliers and track fulfillment.

This is an image showing a progress on an item shipment
  • Automated order routing to vendors
  • Complete order visibility to order lifecycle
  • Custom order attributes and packing slips

Performance analytics

Get insights to make informed business decisions.

  • Sales reporting: Get complete visibility into e-commerce metrics. Identify your top products and vendors.
  • Compliance reporting: Monitor the performance of your vendors against your set standards.
  • Financial reporting: Keep close tabs on your payables and receivables to optimize your costs.

Get a closer look at the fabric Dropship platform.

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How dropshipping works


Step 1

Your customer orders online from your store


Step 2

Your store forwards the order to your vendor


Step 3

Your vendor picks and packs your customer’s order


Step 4

Your vendor ships the order directly to your customer

Three easy steps to start selling on fabric Dropship

Connect seamlessly with merchants and start selling your products to new customers.

This is an image showing how to import products using the xample of men's knit shirts

Step 1

Upload products

Follow a few simple steps to connect and import products to fabric Dropship.

  • Dedicated onboarding specialist
  • Quick connection for brands on Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce
  • Full EDI support

Step 2

Publish products

Submit select products and inventory for the retailer storefront and maintain control of what you sell.


Step 3

Start selling

Start accepting and fulfilling orders from the merchant.

  • Send order acknowledgment
  • Service order change request
  • Print shipping labels
  • Receive notifications of out-of-compliance items
  • Submit invoices
  • Share estimated availability dates for out-of-stock items

Our approach to onboarding

We’ll show you how to connect with vendors, get products listed, and give you the tools and resources to succeed.


Save time and resources

fabric provides documentation and hands-on training to your vendors so that you don’t have to.

Optimize your sales

fabric collects, validates, and reviews your vendor’s product data against rigorous product data requirements and validation tools to get you (and your customers) what you need.

Scale with confidence

fabric manages testing and connections for vendors so you can focus on growing your business.

Learn how fabric’s high-touch vendor onboarding works

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