Native OMS and Dropship: fabric’s big leap forward for enabling world-class shopping experiences


When it comes to retail, customers want more than just the freedom to shop anywhere, anytime. To deliver truly world-class online experiences in today’s instant gratification economy, enterprise retailers need to meet the needs of customers by:

  • Having the right products they want in stock
  • Offering a variety of convenient fulfillment options
  • Delivering orders quickly and accurately

With the recent launch of fabric Order Management System (OMS), OMS and dropship services are now integrated natively into fabric’s commerce platform from the ground up, providing retailers with a unified, first-of-its-kind solution that can optimize merchandising and fulfillment on any channel. By incorporating inventory, order management, and dropship seamlessly into a modular commerce platform, companies can build a connected retail journey for customers, ultimately improving business outcomes and raising the bar for retail excellence.

Powering commerce like never before

In today’s ultra-competitive retail landscape, businesses can do more to match customer expectations and improve the shopping experience. However, with large-scale multi-item inventory systems, distributed networks, omnichannel fulfillment operations, outdated legacy tech, and multiple sales channels, it’s become an uphill battle just to get the right products to customers, let alone optimize operations for speed and convenience. A quick scan across the industry will reveal that 82% of shoppers have run into products being out-of-stock, 46% of customers have abandoned carts due to long shipping times, and 73% of shoppers have abandoned brands after just one poor customer service experience.

With the industry’s first composable commerce solution with native OMS, retailers gain an integrated solution to power everything commerce. The combination of services on one platform allows retailers to:

  • Make more stock available: Real-time, 360-degree views of on-shelf, in-transit, and on-order inventory at distribution centers, retail stores, and suppliers gives retailers more visibility and control, preventing overselling and underselling.
  • Get closer to customers: Omnichannel retailers can use no-code order routing to transform stores into distribution centers, slashing shipping costs, reducing transit times, and delighting customers with fast delivery.
  • Deliver more convenience: Retailers can provide frictionless experiences no matter how their customers shop. fabric streamlines buy online, pickup in-store (BOPIS), curbside pickup, ship from store, and other fulfillment methods.
  • Never ship late again: Automating manual processes and eliminating spreadsheets allows enterprise retailers to ensure fast and efficient order fulfillment.
  • Turn over more inventory, faster: Aggregating inventory into pools or networks enables retailers to intelligently orchestrate orders, avoid stockouts, and improve operational efficiency across the entire fulfillment network.
  • Avoid dead stock buildup: Promotions and markdown management allows businesses to offload slow-moving inventory, optimizing DC space, minimizing holding costs, and preventing the accumulation of dead stock.
  • Sell anywhere, anytime: Connecting inventory from any source allows retailers to fulfill orders across every retail store, sales channel, or online marketplace.
  • Build trust and brand loyalty: Providing enriched product data and delivering dynamic and competitive prices gives customers the confidence to make informed purchase decisions.
  • Boost conversions: Pre-orders and backorders can capture future sales. Real-time data syncing across product, pricing, inventory, dropship, and orders creates frictionless cart and checkout experiences.
  • Compete on speed, at scale: fabric is built for speed and enterprise-level scalability with ultra-fast storefront APIs and the ability to process hundreds of orders per second for thousands of locations.

Traditionally, OMS existed as a separate system that connected with core commerce services via application program interfaces (APIs). Seamlessly integrating OMS into fabric’s commerce ecosystem creates a modular, unified, and cohesive commerce platform, where each component works together to elevate the overall customer journey.

Integrated dropshipping

Dropshipping allows enterprise retailers to expand assortments into different products and categories without the traditional risk of holding and managing inventory. By integrating with fabric’s commerce platform and native OMS, fabric Dropship is a flexible fulfillment option that allows businesses to:

  • Streamline inventory and order management across owned and dropshipped SKUs.
  • Backfill orders to capture sales without running out of stock.
  • Simplify and automate product information, inventory, merchandising, and transactions between retailers and suppliers.

Enterprise retailers can now stand up and scale a powerful dropship program from scratch with minimal investment and development time. In addition to supporting seamless integrations with suppliers and services, retailers can automate and streamline processes to accelerate time-to-market.

Get started with fabric

fabric’s native OMS and dropship service is a major advancement in creating world-class shopping experiences for retail customers. Integrated seamlessly with the fabric commerce platform, these services can mitigate out-of-stock risks, optimize inventory turnover, enhance catalog enrichment, facilitate the merchandising of owned and dropshipped inventory, and more.

With a single commerce solution that optimizes inventory, orders, and multi-channel fulfillment across every stage of the customer journey, fabric delivers the speed, convenience, and innovation to meet customer expectations today, and in the future.

If you want to learn more about fabric’s commerce services, we’ve love to speak with you. Simply schedule a demo with a member of our team today.

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