Simplify pricing and promotions

customizable pricing and promotion software

Improve your average order value and conversion rate with fabric’s flexible pricing and promotions engine.

customizable pricing and promotion software
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Optimize everyday pricing

Manage the lifecycle of orders from all your sales channels on a single platform. Create and update prices individually or in bulk. Create and manage price lists. Set conditional pricing.

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Run promotions that convert

Convert visitors into buyers by personalizing your promotions. Create promotions based on sku, quantity, order value, and buy/get criteria. Create inclusion and exclusion lists. Schedule seasonal promotions. Automatically apply the best available promotional price.

Create and manage coupons

Enable customer coupons at checkout. Create single or multiple use coupons for returning customers. Define coupon eligibility, stacking, and usage rules. Schedule seasonal coupons.

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Customer segmentation

Define customer segments and offer segment-based discounts. Create price lists for special account-based pricing.

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Promotion stacking

Build stacking rules and use multiple promos on the same product for different campaigns without bleeding margins.

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Price & promotion scheduling

Set and schedule new prices, promotions, and coupons to align with marketing campaigns.

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Bulk price uploads

Quickly set up price, clearance price, and item cost by uploading a CSV file.

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Shipping discounts

Meet market demands for free and low-cost shipping with promos while optimizing your fulfillment strategy.

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Global exclusions

Exclude low-margin or high-demand, limited-supply products from any promotional campaign.


  • Do you need pricing and promotions software?

    You compete in a market where customers are looking for the best value of the product they purchase. Pricing, coupons, and promotions are critical factors for encouraging customers to make purchase decisions. If you are still manually setting the price of a product with spreadsheets and struggling to give customers attractive coupons and promotions, fabric Offers is for you.

  • What types of promotions does fabric support?

    fabric supports three promotion types: 1) a percent off or amount off (discount) for SKUs or groups of SKUs with certain attributes and within certain categories, 2) a discount for a minimum cart value, and 3) a discount for a minimum cart quantity. For promotion types related to minimum cart values and quantities, you can implement multiple tiers such as 10% off minimum cart values of $1000 and 20% off minimum cart values of $1500.

  • What types of prices does fabric support?

    fabric supports four price types: 1) cost, or the amount paid to procure an item, 2) price, or the selling price of an item, 3) clearance price, or the lowest selling price offered for an item, and 4) promotional price, or the discounted prices of an item.

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