Ignite new revenue streams


Rapidly launch, operate, and scale curated assortments from an unlimited number of dropship suppliers.

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Drive incremental business growth

Unlock new revenue streams with extended aisles or virtual shelves and supplement your core product assortment.


Deliver best in class customer experiences

Improve customer retention and acquire new ones with curated products that enhance your brand. Maintain your commitment to customers by ensuring timely, accurate, and available deliveries.

Integrate seamlessly for the fastest time-to-market

Go live with new dropship inventory in days, not months, with end-to-end support for any dropship integrations. Multiply your efficiency and harness the power of modular architecture by connecting to other applications on the fabric Commerce Platform.


Easily plug into your existing systems

Launch faster, grow bigger, and operate more efficiently by leveraging our expansive network of technology partners.

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Flexible supplier onboarding

Connect to suppliers via EDI, API, SFTP, ShipStation, or the fabric Marketplace portal to unlock new retail sales channels in days.

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Simplified merchandising

Trade product proposals with suppliers, automate attribute certification, and stay in total control of products and pricing.

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Streamlined order management

Review all orders from a single dashboard and leverage custom reporting on business KPIs.

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Transaction automation

Manage transactions via EDI, API, SFTP, or the fabric Marketplaceā„¢ portal to ensure orders are shipped as fast as possible.

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Easy invoicing

Handle complex invoicing across multiple suppliers and retailers from a single, intuitive UI.

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Automated supplier compliance

Invite suppliers, monitor their performance, and ensure compliance with user-friendly tools.

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Platform integrations

Integrate seamlessly with leading e-commerce platforms or create your own custom experience using dropship APIs.

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Omnichannel capabilities

Enable curated assortments across all user endpoints without the risk of managing inventory.


  • What is fabric Marketplace?

    fabric Marketplace is a Commerce as a Service (CaaS) solution that enables retailers and suppliers to connect, creating additional streams of revenue for both parties. For retailers, fabric Marketplace is an all-inclusive solution for seamless product assortment expansion via a network of dropship-capable suppliers. For suppliers, fabric Marketplace offers a rapid and friction-free expansion of digital selling channels. fabric Marketplace provides all the technology necessary to drive incremental revenue streams, ensure best-in-class customer experiences, and integrate into any e-commerce stack.

  • What is dropshipping?

    Dropshipping is when a retailer fulfills orders via a third-party supplier who ships products directly to the customer on their behalf. The retailer does not hold inventory of this product and typically the customer is unaware that their product was sourced differently than traditional inventory.

  • Who is fabric Marketplace for?

    fabric Marketplace is an effective way to grow revenue for any business that sells a product. Most companies leverage dropship inventory to complement a traditional e-commerce model, but many companies have grown $100M+ businesses in under 15 months solely through dropship inventory.

  • What are the benefits of dropshipping?

    Dropshipping enables a retailer to grow its revenue through low-risk and low-cost inventory. The time to market for dropship inventory is considerably faster than traditional inventory, which means greater flexibility and time-to-market. Dropshipping products can also be strategically leveraged for heavy and bulky products, reducing supply chain costs and resources. Retailers can expand their product assortment without the upfront investment of manufacturing and massive product orders.

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