October 2022: Product Releases

Our latest product release blog covers vendor payments, merchandising controls, and more.

fabric’s Product Release Blog highlights some of the recent product releases and enhancements we’ve made so you can stay up to date on what’s new. This October edition covers updates on the brand-new features of fabric Dropship and fabric OMS.

Dropshipping Merchandising and Payment Capabilities

fabric Dropship lets merchants connect with vendor partners and start dropshipping new products and categories without taking any inventory risk. In the October release, we introduced three new features that give more merchandising control to the merchants and help them run efficient dropshipping operations.

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Vendor payments

With our latest product update, merchants can now manage vendor payments inside fabric Dropship.With the introduction of this feature, merchants can now manage vendor payments inside fabric Dropship and keep a record of vendor remittances. They can also make adjustments and credits to the payment as needed.

What else?

  • View and filter open invoices: See a list of invoices by status: filter and sort invoices by date and date ranges.
  • Consolidate invoices: Combine multiple invoices under a single payment and save time on vendor remittance.
  • Add credits and adjustments: Adjust payments to account for credits or other fees.
  • Retain payment details: Store payment details such as check number, amount, and issue date.
  • Track paid invoices: Keep track of the paid vendor invoices.

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Proposal departments

With our latest product update, merchants can create a proposal department in fabric Dropship.

High-quality product data is one of the biggest drivers of conversion on e-commerce websites. Merchandising is not easy, especially for products that you don’t own. Merchants spend most of their onboarding time on merchandising and getting products ready to sell.

A proposal department is a merchandising category (such as Accessories, Home & Furniture, and Apparel) that you can create in fabric Dropship. Departments can also be modified or retired at the end of their life.

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Product rulesets

With our latest product update, merchants can create product rulesets on fabric Dropship.Product rulesets are a seamless way to control product data collection from vendors. Using product rulesets, merchants define the product data attributes they need vendors to send and the format in which they send the data to deliver a great shopping experience to customers.

Merchants can also collect similar rules into Rule Groups for better organization. Once defined, product rulesets can be applied to product categories through the proposal department settings.

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Attribute value transformers

With our latest product update, merchants can now create attribute value transformer rules in fabric Dropship. This feature allows merchants to standardize how they onboard vendor product data to deliver high-quality and accurate product listings that meet business needs. It provides merchants the freedom to create innovative merchandising categories and change them as customer preferences change.

fabric Dropship provides the tools to both vendors and merchants to set up product data transformation rules. Vendors can apply the transformation rules when importing products to fabric Dropship. Merchants can apply the transformation rules when accepting a vendor proposal when importing products on fabric Dropship or after the products have been added to the catalog.

Examples of the application of attribute value transformers include

  • Changing attribute values for Size from XXL to 2XL
  • Changing category from Women’s T-shirt to Women → Clothing → T-shirt

Learn more about attribute value transformers.

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Order Orchestration

With out latest product update, merchants can now enjoy order orchestration in fabric OMS.

fabric order management system (OMS) is a cloud-native, API-first solution that simplifies inventory visibility, order management, and fulfillment optimization.

We are introducing a new order lifecycle overview component to the “Orders” module in fabric Copilot, which unifies all orders from multiple sources into one view to orchestrate the order lifecycle.

In addition, we added Estimated Delivery Date, Estimated Ship By Date, and Fulfillment Location information for merchants to view what facility orders were allocated to for fulfillment.

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