Inventory and order management simplified


One system to manage orders, inventory, and fulfillment.


Why choose fabric OMS?


Scale inventory and order management

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and always have an accurate view of available to promise and in-transit inventory.


Reduce technology debt

Limit technical debt with a simple, easy-to-use UI that gives business users the control to create and update business rules with no code.


Be future ready

Harness the power of a headless and modular platform for the flexibility to respond quickly to changing business environments.

Recognized as a Strong Performer in 2023 Gartner Peer Insights™ “Voice of the Customer” Report for Digital Commerce

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Building blocks to customize without limits

  • Cloud-native scalability
  • Microservices based architecture for stress-free updates and easy integrations
  • 3X faster development speed
  • Extensible data model that lets you add your own logic
  • Global network with 100+ CDN edges
  • PCI DSS Level 6 and SOC2 Type II compliance
Inventory API_2x
Inventory API_2x

Deliver on the promise of perfect orders with fabric OMS

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Order lifecycle management

Track and manage orders from order placement to post-delivery services.

Omnichannel order visibility

Aggregate orders from any channel into a single source of truth and a 360-degree view of customer purchases.

Omnichannel order visibility_3x

Bulk order imports

Upload orders in bulk using CSV files.

Bulk order imports_3x

Custom order attributes

Allow custom attributes such as LTL, Gift Wrap, and more, to trigger downstream value-added services.

Custom order attributes_2x

Estimated delivery date

Calculate and display the date range that orders will be shipped if purchased now.

Estimated delivery date_2x

Order servicing

Empower customer service reps to make changes to orders on behalf of the customer.

  • ZenDesk
  • Salesforce
  • Newgistics
  • ParcelLab
  • Narvar
  • Shipstation
  • Shippo
  • Deliverr
  • APIs

Returns and refunds

Handle reverse logistics with ease

Instant refunds

Increase customer satisfaction by allowing an easy return and automated refund process.

Instant refunds_2x

Returns policy setting

Set business rules for accepting and processing returns and refunds.

Returns policy setting_2x

Inventory visibility

Get a 360-degree view of inventory across source locations

Global inventory

Near real-time view of on-shelf, in-transit, and on-order inventory at distribution centers, stores, and suppliers.

Global inventory_2x

Available-to-promise inventory

Display the exact ATP stock on the storefront using the inventory availability storefront API endpoint.

ATP inventory

Bulk inventory export

Schedule a recurring export to destination systems to maintain inventory synchronization between systems.

Bulk order export_3x

Local availability

Display inventory by geographic proximity, availability at nearby stores, or network-specific availability by channel.

Local availability_2x

Inventory controls

Add checks and balances to managing inventory

Custom inventory attributes

Create custom attributes for inventory to
display on the storefront.

Custom inventory attributes_2x

Inventory networks

Set up rules to pool inventory and control the availability of stock to sell in each channel, market, or region.

Inventory networks_2x

Safety stock setting

Set the minimum inventory level for reordering to avoid overselling.

Safety stock setting_2x

Low stock setting

Display low inventory on the storefront to shoppers to create urgency and drive conversion.

Low stock setting_2x

Custom inventory positions

Configure inventory position tags, such as on-hand, backorder available, and reserved.

Custom inventory positions_2x

Preorders and backorders

Accept preorders and backorders from customers

Inbound inventory allocation

Increase availability by allowing customers to order against pre-order and backorder stock.

Inbound inventory allocation_2x

Fulfillment optimization

Manage complex business order fulfillment logic with simple configurations

Inventory segmentation

Configure tags to assign inventory to specific customer segments like subscribers, new customers, or VIPs.

Inventory segmentation_2x

Inventory reservation

Track the virtual quantities of inventory for a specific demand

  • In cart inventory
  • Reserved for a purchase order
  • Allocated to warehouses
  • Marked for shipment
  • Backordered inventory
  • Pre-ordered inventory

Picking location prioritization

Specify if orders should always be picked from the closest facility in stock, or by a rank of facilities in the order that is first in stock.

Picking location prioritization_2x

Flexible fulfillment options

Support same-day delivery, BOPIS, Ship from store, or Direct to Consumer (D2C) fulfillment methods.

Flexible fulfillment options_2x

Easily plug into your existing systems

Integrate your favorite applications with fabric’s composable architecture.

Existing systems_3x
Existing systems_3x
TriMark Veera Sekhar Veera Sekhar VP, Technology
We chose fabric to help build our headless commerce solution. fabric stood out out to us because it's all headless and API driven. We evaluated various OMS solutions and with fabric's headless APIs we don't have to worry about re-investing the money spent.
GNC Scott Saeger Scott Saeger CIO
fabric’s headless architecture supports our strategic, omnichannel architecture methodology. All the functions across the fabric commerce platform and suite of products can be easily reused on all channels.
Chico's Deepak Lakshmanan Deepak Lakshmanan VP, Digital Transformation
We looked at several platforms and selected fabric because the composable modules and modular architecture that will suit our future. We dont want to rip and replace in years to come, and we want simplictiy and API driven technology. We wanted to mix and match between different vendors that can offer the best capabilities in their areas and fabric allows us to do this. This new commerce platform we are building will make us more nimble & agile and able to serve our business.

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Import data, set business rules, and let experts help with integration and testing.

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You are all set to start managing your orders, inventory, and fulfillment.

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This animation displays fabric's modular technology
This animation displays fabric's modular technology

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