Breaking Down Williams Sonoma’s Mobile E-Commerce Site [Video]

April 30, 2021

Williams Sonoma is a publicly traded consumer retail company that sells kitchenware and home furnishings. In 2019, e-commerce represented 55% of the company's total sales and, in 2020, it represented 71%.

In this episode of Coffee + Commerce, we break down Williams Sonoma's mobile e-commerce site with our co-founder Ryan Bartley. Before starting Fabric he was the director of mobile at Staples and product manager at eBay.

By directing the points highlighted in this episode, Williams Sonoma and similar retailers can increase conversions on their mobile e-commerce site.


To make changes based on these recommendations and upgrade your e-commerce site, a headless commerce setup is vital. This makes it easy to add new e-commerce functionality and features while maintaining full control over site experience. To learn more about this modern approach to e-commerce, check out Fabric.

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