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Composable Solution

Combine best-in-class products to solve business needs at your pace

Build with modern architecture that delivers composability and configurability for retailers to power omnichannel commerce experiences with best-in-class time to market and TCO.
Enrich your Product Data

Product Catalog

Enrich your product data with the right information instantly

Onboard products, manage categories and collections, and publish your catalog in real—time.
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Personalized promotions delivered at the right time

Customize complex promotion rules that automatically adjust pricing based on real-time shopping insights—from browsing specific categories to cart criteria—ensuring the right offer reaches the right customer at the right moment.
Enterprise Order Management


Enterprise order management made easy

Sell, service, and fulfill orders across any channel without custom development. Get a single view to manage the order lifecycle, offer convenient delivery options and self-serve order tracking, and fulfill omnichannel orders efficiently – all in one place.
Expand Product Assortment


Expand your product assortment

Easy to expand product assortment with dropship inventory, and manage complex fulfillment routing from 1PP and 3PP products, without the risk of holding inventory.
Deploy Faster with Trusted Tools
fabric commerce platform

fabric Commerce Platform

Deploy faster with trusted tools

Empower teams to easily configure commerce workflows — from creating a promotion to changing a fulfillment rule — using a no-code interface. We built security into every layer of the platform and meet rigorous data privacy standards to ensure that your commerce operations remain reliable, compliant, and secure.




300+ API endpoints delivering industry-leading performance for storefronts


requests per second, auto-scaling across our commerce services

"We don't want to rip and replace in years to come, and want the simplicity of an API driven technology. Now we can mix and match between different vendors that offer the best capabilities."

- Deepak Lakshmanan
Deepak Lakshmanan

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