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fabric Launches Industry-First Commerce Platform With Native OMS, Supercharging Retailer Conversions and Outcomes

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fabric is composable

  • Power personalized experiences for consumers with targeted promotions to attract new customers and grow revenue.
  • Run unified real-time inventory to prevent stock outs.
  • Fulfill from anywhere with BOPIS to curbside to ship from store.

fabric is flexible

Flexible means choosing the technology you need to stay relevant and launch fast.

"We don't want to rip and replace in years to come, and want the simplicity of an API driven technology. Now we can mix and match between different vendors that offer the best capabilities."

- Deepak Lakshmanan
Deepak Lakshmanan

Meet our customers

We support B2C and D2C commerce
initiatives at these great companies.

fabric is for merchandisers

Move from spreadsheets to a product and experience management platform.

  • Manage product information across all channels with fabric PIM.
  • Configure pricing and promos for all products with fabric Offers.
  • Increase product assortment through dropshipping with fabric Dropship.

fabric is for operators

Move from broken systems to a connected commerce ecosystem.

  • View inventory and manage order fulfillment with fabric OMS.
  • Plan and execute any e-commerce initiative from a single system.
  • Decrease the risk of breaches and data leakage with role-based access control (RBAC).

fabric is for developers

Create a tech stack as demanding as your customers.

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Integrate our commerce technology with any backend system, user interface, or customer experience.