September 2022: Product Releases

Check out our latest product release, featuring promotion controls, dropship vendor connections, and more.

fabric’s Product Release Blog highlights some of the recent product releases and enhancements we’ve made so you can stay up to date on what’s new. This September edition covers updates on the brand-new features of fabric Offers and fabric Dropship.

Get more control over promotions

Onboard and manage dropship vendors

Get more control over promotions

fabric Offers provides you the ability to manage pricing and run promotions on your e-commerce store. In the September release, we are very excited to share three advanced features to give you more control and flexibility to run promotions.

Spend X, Get Y Promotions

With our product release, you can set "Buy X, Get Y" promotions in fabric Offers.

We launched the “Buy X, Get Y” feature earlier this year. Our customers have been loving this feature. With this recent release, we found new ways to improve this feature providing a better merchant and shopper experience.

1. Spend criteria configuration: You can now set the minimum amount the shopper must spend to get a discount on specific items. This means more control, more room for experimentation, and more opportunities to customize your promotions.

2. Simplified Buy X, Get Y form: We have made UI updates to simplify further setting up Buy X, Get Y promotions.

With our product release, you can simply set up the Buy X, Get Y promotions in fabric Offers. Learn more about Buy X, Get Y promotions.

Set promotion limits

With this product release, you can now limit the number of promotions a customer can use in fabric Offers.Promotion limits allow you to set the maximum number of times a customer can receive a discount. For example, if you are running a “buy one, get one free” promotion, you could set a maximum limit of three, which would mean that the customer would get three free items even if they had added four items to their cart.

With our product release, you can limit the amount of promotions customers can use in fabric Offers.
The default setting is unlimited. To set a limit, just use the toggle to enable promotion limits and then enter the maximum value.

Learn more about setting promotion limits.

Segment-based promotions

With this product release, you can run targeted promotions for a specific group of customers in fabric Offers.
With this release, we are introducing the ability for our merchants to run targeted promotions for a specific group of customers. Setting up promotions specific to a target segment is simple — just select the Target Audience as a Segment and select the Segment Name from the dropdown. Segment values are automatically populated. You can add multiple segment types by clicking on +Add another segment.

With this product release, you can simply set up segment-based promotions in fabric Offers.
In preparation for using segmented promotions, you first need to segment your customers. You can do the segmentation using segmentation tools or storefront tagging. Once you have the segments, you can link the segment to fabric Offers under Offers -> Settings -> Customer Segments as shown above.

Learn more about setting up segmented promotions.

Onboard and manage dropship vendors

Vendors play a big role in the success of a dropshipping program. We understand that it is important to be able to onboard your vendors to your dropshipping program swiftly. In September, we released features on fabric Dropship to provide you with better visibility into vendor onboarding activity and to improve communication between you and your vendors.

Get the complete dropshipping guide.

Track vendor onboarding progress

With our product release, you can now track the vendor onboarding progress on fabric Dropship.When you invite a vendor to fabric you can now track their progress toward completing the onboarding workflow. To view the onboarding status, simply navigate to the Suppliers view in the top menu to see the list of vendors and their statuses. To view the detailed status of a vendor, select the vendor to see the onboarding progress as shown above.

Maintain vendor connection notes

With our product release, it's easier now to maintain vendor connection notes on fabric Dropship.When connecting your systems to vendor systems to share products, prices, inventory, orders, and invoices, you come across important information that potentially lives in emails and has the potential to be lost in the long term. This is also sensitive information that needs to be kept safe but also accessible to the relevant stakeholders when needed.

To facilitate clear communication between you and your vendor and to provide you with a secure place to store your communication, we introduced Connection Notes. The connection notes are saved on the platform and can be set to send an email to the supplier, the retailer, or both.

Our customers use Connection Notes to save both technical and non-technical information. A few examples of vendor connection notes include: “The inventory will be updated every four hours,” “The supplier’s Shopify store name is,” “The supplier’s primary address is a warehouse,” and so on.

With our product release, you can subscribe to receive connection notes in fabric Dropship.

  • Set notifications: You can subscribe to receive connection notes as shown above.

With our product release, vendors and retailers can view connection notes in fabric Dropship

  • View connection notes: Vendors and retailers can view connection notes. Retailers can see it under the Suppliers menu when they select a certain vendor, and vendors can see it under the Merchants menu under the connection details.

With our product release, you can find notifications for connection notes on the onboarding page of fabric Dropship.
Push notifications for connection notes can be found on the Onboarding page.

Protect customer address information

Maintaining data protection and privacy is our top priority and so is yours. Keeping that in mind, we originally did not share customer billing addresses with vendors. However, some vendors require these addresses to process orders. To fulfill the vendor requirements while still protecting customer data, we introduced the ability for you to set static “sold to” and “bill to” addresses for customers.

Create manual purchase orders

With our product release, it's easier than ever to create manual purchase orders in fabric Dropship.We also added the ability for you to add purchase orders manually through your fabric Dropship user interface manually to address exceptional scenarios.

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