fabric Named One of 2020’s “Most Promising Ecommerce Technology Providers”

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2020 is proving to be an incredibly transformational year as the rapidly changing e-commerce landscape continues to evolve and companies are forced to pivot their technology to remain competitive.

CIOReview, a leading technology magazine, conducted a review of the e-commerce companies that are shaping the future of how consumers connect with brands on the internet. As part of that review, they’ve selected Fabric as one of their “Most Promising Ecommerce Technology Providers for 2020.”

With the unexpected Covid-19 pandemic accelerating the trend towards more online shopping and customer preferences demanding that retailers keep up, many businesses are now forced to face the huge limitations being imposed upon them by their legacy e-commerce platforms. As online sales volume has increased, many companies are experiencing costly downtime during peak periods and insufficient flexibility to provide the brand encounters they know their customers have come to expect.

These old platforms use an outdated technology infrastructure that makes them difficult to use, fragmented, inefficient, and expensive to maintain. They lack the flexibility, reliability, and security necessary to help companies grow and take advantage of the new digital-first reality.

And let’s face it, if your company isn’t poised to capitalize on these changes, it will be a huge roadblock to future growth.

Enter Fabric – the world’s most extensible, single-tenant SaaS platform.

The Fabric platform aims to be everything the legacy platforms are not: simple, flexible, scalable, reliable, and affordable. The perfect solution to get ahead of the trend and free your business to take advantage of the shifting environment.

Fabric empowers companies to deliver the seamless multichannel experiences that consumers have come to expect, experiences that used to be limited to only the largest and most established retail players.

Fabric’s modular approach to replatforming gives companies the ability to quickly deploy the specific functionalities they are lacking. Need to seamlessly bring content and commerce together across all your sales channels? Start with Fabric’s Experience Platform. Need better analytics, product information management, order management, or personalization? Fabric includes a full suite of powerful built-in merchant tools to help you grow and manage your business across all channels. And each piece can be implemented independently and in coordination with your existing systems in just a matter of weeks.

The CIOReview profile quotes Fabric CEO Shiv Agarwal:

“Our modular e-commerce architecture is built on the DNA of scale, security, high performance, and compliance, and it can be deployed to solve any part of that customer journey.”

Fabric’s ingenious method is highlighted in a case study involving a large retailer who was stuck in a legacy system that was costing them millions of dollars in licensing and hosting fees. For 3 consecutive years they experienced costly downtime during peak holiday shopping periods. And their outdated digital presence was costing their brand.

In less than 12 weeks, they were able to implement Fabric and saw immediate benefits. They saved millions of dollars in fees by retiring their legacy platform. They would no longer risk losing sales due to unpredictable periods of downtime. They now have the power to quickly add new features and test variations. And they were able to redesign their website to deliver a higher quality and more modern user experience.

Read the full CIOReview profile here. To learn more about how Fabric can evolve your underperforming and outdated legacy platform into a powerful, modern, and intuitive multi-channel digital experience, connect with us here.

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