What Order Management Jobs Are There?


Jobs in order management facilitate the order management process of moving goods from one place to another quickly and accurately. Some of the most important aspects include removing obstacles and communicating effectively with other team members.

With high consumer and B2B buyer expectations, order management jobs are crucial. For example, 90% of U.S. online shoppers expect free delivery in two to three days. But that isn’t possible without order management system jobs like order management specialists, purchasing managers, and operations managers.

An order management specialist is a great starting point for those looking for a career in order management, but there are also plenty of other possibilities. In this post, we’ll cover various job openings for those considering a career in order management.

What Is an Order Management Specialist?

Most people starting their careers in order management begin as order management specialists. The job can open up many other career paths and pays around $47,000 per year to start. An order management specialist must handle many different tasks proficiently, making it ideal for skilled multitaskers who like varied duties.

One of the most important order management jobs a specialist performs is order monitoring. This includes tracking orders from creation to completion and looking out for potential delays or disruptions to the order process. By monitoring orders carefully and preventing interruptions, an order management specialist ensures that orders arrive on time.

Order management specialists also must ensure orders arrive at a certain level of quality, with all their components intact. While quality analysts, quality control specialists, and people with other order management jobs also help on this front, an order management specialist has an essential role in quality analysis.

Part of quality analysis involves documenting the order process so that the company can check its process against the documentation. It also helps the customer verify the quality for themselves.

Communication is also a key skill for this job as order management specialists manage communication with vendors. The order management specialist must track orders from vendors, ensure they arrive on time, and speak with vendors about any changes or errors in the process.

What Are Other Order Management System Jobs?


There are quite a few jobs that employees have to perform well to run order management efficiently. These range from order management system analysts to purchasing specialists and quality assurance specialists. Those looking for order management jobs can also look for openings of the following to start their career in order management.

Order management system analyst

An order management system analyst works to optimize the company’s software and other systems for order management. Typically, an order management system analyst should have some experience working with OMS software since it’s one of the systems they’re optimizing. They should also have some experience with computer science or systems engineering.

Buyer or purchasing manager

A buyer or purchasing manager works with purchase order management systems to ensure the goods a company buys show up on time and without errors. The purchasing manager also evaluates contracts with vendors, identifying the best way to acquire goods. This could involve negotiating large contracts with suppliers. Thus, when purchasing managers do this well, they can be well-compensated.

Quality analysis specialist

A quality analysis specialist ensures that the quality of orders meets the company’s expectations. For example, they might do an analysis on incoming or outgoing orders, designing and performing tests to ensure the products meet the standards of regulators, customers, and the company’s internal metrics. The quality analyst then records this information and passes it to other teams through their OMS.

Key Takeaways

  • High consumer and B2B buyer demands on order fulfillment mean that businesses need skilled labor to conduct efficient order management.
  • The most common way to start a career in order management is to work as an order management specialist.
  • After working as an order management specialist, people can move on to other order management jobs, including order management system analyst, buyer or purchasing manager, and quality analysis specialist.
  • All career paths in order management systems involve using an order management system like fabric OMS.

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