Order Management System (OMS)

Streamline order fulfillment

Optimize fulfillment with semi-automated workflows so customers get their goods quickly, without friction — and return to buy more


You’ve created a great shopping experience and closed the sale. Now you need to create a post-purchase experience that delivers on promises made related to stock count and shipping speed. This is why Fabric built OMS. With our order management system software, you can connect orders, inventory, and warehouses to deliver products as fast as possible and inspire repeat purchases.

Order management

Get a high-level view of all orders or filter orders by purchase date, payment method, shipping method, and other order details. You can also drill into specific orders to assist customers with post-purchase issues, order confirmations, cancellations, and returns.

Inventory management

Customer satisfaction depends on the inventory that a product is holding. With our OMS software, you can make real time connections across orders and inventory to ensure customers can only purchase items that are in-stock. You can also sync inventory with warehouses to streamline logistics.

Warehouse management

Keep track of warehouses in different locations. Ensure customers always receive products shipped from the location closest to them. Quickly spin up new warehouses where customer demand is growing. Our OMS software makes this easy.

Supporting Features

  1. 01 - Multi-channel fulfillment

    Process orders from any channel and automatically update inventory across channels.

  2. 02 - Order details API

    Create a real-time connection with third party vendors and 3PL services to improve fulfillment.

  3. 03 - CSV import/export

    Add and retrieve data from OMS for granular reporting, analysis, and post-purchase optimization.

  4. 04 - Order cancellation

    Customers can cancel orders in one click and OMS will automatically update inventory.

  5. 05 - Headless integration

    Integrate with third party inventory, fulfilment, shipping services, CRM tools, and shopping platforms.

  6. 06 - Multiple payment options

    Our checkout feature integrates with multiple payment platforms and supports split payments.


Does OMS include checkout functionality?

Yes. OMS supports multiple payment methods and payment gateways. We currently integrate with Stripe and Authorize.net. In addition to this, you can give customers the ability to split payments across credit cards, gift cards, PayPal and other payment methods.

Why do you need OMS software?

Many businesses rely heavily on manual processes to manage and fulfill orders generated on different sales channels. The most common manual method is to use a spreadsheet to centralize order fulfilment, manage inventory, and manage returns. This process blocks merchants from expanding their product base and scaling supply across multiple channels. To grow, these merchants require order management system software that can systematically trigger notifications for new orders created, manage the life cycle of orders through multiple events, reconcile inventory and warehouses for the availability of items, and work out the route to ensure the fastest and cheapest delivery method. Fabric OMS helps merchants do this.

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