Automate repeat purchases

Reward loyal customers with discounted subscriptions to frequently purchased items


Groceries. Undergarments. Face masks. Screws. These are products people and businesses continuously purchase but don’t continuously want to shop for. This is why Fabric built Subscriptions. With our subscription billing software, you can create a frictionless replenishment experience across any sales channel.

Recurring payment setup

Use the subscription interface inside Fabric to create recurring payment options across products and channels. You can also offer people a discount for choosing the subscription option. This feature lets you securely collect payments and ship products on a recurring basis—without requiring repetitive activity from customers.

Supporting Features

  1. 01 - Subscription API

    Integrate subscriptions into a branded shopping experience on any channel.

  2. 02 - Multiple cadences

    Collect payments and ship products on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

  3. 03 - Discount options

    Give different discounts for different products to incentivize subscription opt-ins.

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