Commerce APIs

Customize without limits

This is an image displaying the full suite of APIs available with fabric.

Create differentiated shopping experiences across infinite channels with a full suite of APIs.

This is an image displaying the full suite of APIs available with fabric.

Fast. Flexible. Secure.

APIs for the future of commerce

  • 300+ API endpoints w/<50ms response time
  • 100+ triggered events with real-time webhooks
  • Extensible APIs let you add your own logic
  • Composable architecture for easy integrations
  • Global network with 100+ CDN edges
  • PCI DSS Level 6 and SOC2 Type II compliance
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Order APIs

Add shipment information to orders, cancel orders, return orders, and more. View docs.

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Product APIs

Create and update products in bulk, search products, and create attributes. View docs.

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Inventory APIs

Perform bulk inventory updates, query inventory by location, and more. View docs.

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Shipping APIs

Create a multi-carrier shipping and logistics solution without expensive infrastructure. View docs.

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Promo APIs

Validate applied promos and retrieve the latest price or discount of items. View docs.

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Cart APIs

Merge guest carts with user carts, enable multiple carts for organizations, integrate with our dynamic pricing engine, plus all the essentials and more. View docs.

Why customers love fabric

McDonald's Hashim Amin Hashim Amin VP Global Product & Engineering
We are excited to leverage fabric Commerce APIs to streamline operations and create seamless customer experiences, improving accuracy without impacting speed.


  • Why should you switch to headless commerce?

    fabric offers a full suite of commerce APIs built on an open architecture that enables the unification of all your sales channels. Embracing the “API economy” for e-commerce is the first step toward scaling e-commerce. Also, moving towards digital transformation through APIs lets you move faster and compete better in the market.

  • How can you use a headless commerce API?

    Our APIs are based on REST (Representational State Transfer) architectural principles and follow standard REST practices. All of our products have REST APIs so you can develop a custom backend and frontend. After purchasing a product or API collection, you can consume an API to power any type of solution or experience. When you contact us, ask about leveraging our Postman collection to test drive an API.

Learn more about headless e-commerce APIs.