order management

Fulfill orders with speed, accuracy, and efficiency on fabric OMS.

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Enable omnichannel fulfillment

Grow your business by connecting demand and inventory across multiple stores, sales channels, and online marketplaces. Support modern fulfillment methods such as buy online pick up in-store (BOPIS) with ease.


Improve inventory and demand accuracy

Predict demand and accurately forecast inventory. Avoid understocking and last minute order rushes with pre-ordering. Manage stock levels in real time by replenishing low stocks. Improve margins by increasing sellable units through back-order yields.

Deliver a frictionless buying experience

Improve conversions by offering custom cart recommendations, order tracking, and easy returns.


Easily plug into your existing systems

Easily integrate with your favorite applications with fabric’s open, API-first architecture.

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Inventory availability

Segment stocks, preorder/backorder, manage inventory buffers and alerts, automate restocking, configure update rules, forecast availability, schedule restocking, and rate suppliers.

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Multichannel fulfillment

Increase sell-through rate, staff productivity, reduce stock-outs, configure exception handling, and manage orders based on your custom rules.

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Distributed order management

Optimize fulfillment cost using insights from inventory, logistics, and warehouse. Configure business rules to pick from the store, distribution center, warehouse, or third party.

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Multichannel inventory

The event-driven architecture notifies storefronts of inventory position changes within milliseconds. Fastest Inventory API responses in the industry to display Available to Promise stock.

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Estimated delivery date

Enhanced estimated delivery date predictions use fulfillment & shipment SLAs, inventory buffers, geo conditions, and warehouse capacity.

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Automatic compliance

Track warehouse and carrier performance so that exceptions notify in real-time and occur less often with an estimated delivery date.

Why customers love fabric

Chico's Jay Topper Jay Topper CDO
fabric really cared about what we were trying to accomplish in the order management and distributed order management space. As much as we cared about and embraced fabric, they cared for and embraced us.
TriMark Veera Sekhar Veera Sekhar VP Technology
We chose fabric to help build our headless commerce solution. fabric stood out out to us because it's all headless and API driven. We evaluated various OMS solutions and with fabric's headless APIs we don't have to worry about re-investing the money spent.

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