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Commerce is about social dealings between people that can happen between any person in any circumstance. We aim to facilitate these dealings with our commerce platform called fabric. Building fabric requires teammates as diverse as the people it serves and we welcome job applications from anyone aligned with our vision and values.

This is a group photo of the fabric Executive Team standing together

Welcome to fabric

Our values inspire how we work together every day, whether that’s from our Seattle headquarters or with teammates around the world in Asia, India, North America, and the United Kingdom. We hire people from a wide variety of backgrounds not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it makes us stronger.

Seek to understand before being understood.

We understand that communication starts by listening to understand, and requires an appreciation of other perspectives, regardless of urgency or authority, in order to identify and deliver the best solutions.

Say it like it is.

We are honest and authentic, knowing transparency and unwavering candor are critical to our success.

Insist on the highest standards.

We hold ourselves accountable for everything we do to ensure we deliver exceptional results and anything but a generic experience.

Earn trust.

We strive to be honest and authentic with a One fabric mindset in order to build a better team and company.

Consistently raise the bar.

We are relentless about raising the talent bar with every hire we make. We create an inclusive environment where our talent can thrive and grow.

Relentlessly pursue customer happiness.

Our customers are our #1 priority. We partner with customers to understand their needs and provide solutions they love.

Be self-aware and take ownership.

We are conscious not to take ourselves too seriously. We commit to continuously improving our performance and pushing through comfort barriers, while demonstrating resilience. We do not say it’s not our role or problem to solve.

Bias for execution.

We prioritize relentlessly. We have a bias for action realizing the world changes quickly.

Show gratitude not attitude.

Embrace the journey. We recognize the opportunity to make a difference, leaving things in a better state. We reward those who bring forward and deliver solutions which contribute to better ways of working.


We’re building a team that’s equally passionate about technology, growth, and serving customers. Help us build the most important commerce platform in the world.

This is a photo of a team collaborating together in a bright office space
This is a photo of a team collaborating together in a bright office space