fabric Product Update Q2 2023

fabric Product Release Q2 2023

Advanced Retail Promotions, Dropship Vendor Management Tools, and More

fabric Offers (Pricing & Promotions)

Advanced Retail Promotions

Promotions play a pivotal role in the competitive retail landscape, serving as an essential tool to drive revenue growth, improve inventory turnover, and conversion rate. To better unlock your creative promotions, we are providing no-code tools to tailor promotions to the right customers, driving customer loyalty, maximizing the impact of marketing efforts, and protecting margins.

Promotion stacking

Promotion stacking

Unlock savings and boost customer satisfaction with Promotion Stacking. Maximize discounts by allowing multiple promotions to be applied to the cart simultaneously. Here are a few highlights:

  • Stackable or exclusive promotions: Customize the stacking behavior of your promotions. Make them stackable, allowing multiple promotions to be combined for even greater savings, or set them as exclusive, ensuring only one promotion is applied at a time.
  • Stacking priority management: Define the order in which promotions are applied to the cart, ensuring optimal discounts are applied to maximize total savings. Easily edit or delete existing stacking priorities one by one or in bulk for seamless management.
  • Streamlined promotion organization: Efficiently organize and manage your promotions with advanced filtering options. Filter and view promotions based on stacking priority, promotion type, and status, simplifying your workflow and enhancing visibility.


  • Higher average order value: Empower customers to enjoy substantial savings by encouraging them to buy more items in the category, driving up the average order value.
  • Improved conversion rates and inventory turns: Boost sales and accelerate inventory turnover by offering compelling discounts on related, slow-moving items.
  • Long-term customer loyalty: Deliver an exceptional shopping experience that keeps customers coming back for more. Promotion stacking allows shoppers to enjoy significant savings, fostering a sense of appreciation and loyalty toward your brand.

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Dynamic discount

Promotion type

Elevate your promotions with the new Dynamic Discount feature. By utilizing tiered discount rules, you can add additional conditions to your promotions. You can set up rules that dynamically adjust the discount based on specific conditions. For example, you can configure a promotion to apply a 10% discount to the cart if another promotion has already been applied. Alternatively, you can apply a higher 40% discount if no other promotions have been applied. This versatility allows you to fine-tune your discounts for optimal customer engagement.


  • Prevent over-discounting: The Dynamic Discount feature provides you complete control over your promotions avoiding over-discounting and preventing margins.

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Most / cheapest item discount application

Discount application

Take full control of your promotions with this powerful feature that enables selective discount application based on the value of items in the cart. For example, you can set rules to apply a discount to the most expensive item in the cart. This ensures that your customers receive optimal savings on their most significant purchases, enhancing their overall shopping experience.


  • Prevent over-discounting: Maintain control over your promotions and safeguard your profitability. By selectively applying discounts based on item value, you can prevent unintended over-discounting scenarios, protecting your margins and ensuring sustainable business growth.
  • Avoid under-discounting: Eliminate the risk of under-discounting valuable items. By leveraging this feature, you can set rules that ensure high-value products receive appropriate discounts, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Promotion inclusion and exclusion

Promotion inclusion and exclusion

Unleash the full potential of your promotions with our latest release, which introduces the ability to enhance the promotion criteria to include and exclude specific items within the same promotion. For example, as a fashion retailer, you can set a promotion for 20% off your entire Winter 2022 Collection while excluding shoes from the promotion so you can maintain margins for a category that’s in demand all year round.


  • Set up promotions that boost conversion rates by customizing the rules to include specific products or categories
  • Avoid over-discounting and protect your margins by precisely selecting the products and categories you want to promote
  • Say goodbye to complex coding requirements. fabric’s user-friendly interface allows you to effortlessly set up intricate rules for your promotions.

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fabric PIM (Products)

Product Information Updates

Products draft state

Product draft state

Effortlessly manage product information changes and maintain a seamless shopper experience on your storefront with the new Draft state under the Products module. Here’s how:

  • Flexible SKU creation and publishing: Take control of your product updates by creating new SKUs at your own pace. With the Draft state, you can work on enriching product information and publish them when they are ready to go live, ensuring a seamless experience for your shoppers.
  • Edit live SKUs without disruption: Say goodbye to the hassle of unpublishing SKUs to make changes. With the Products Draft state, you can edit live SKUs directly without impacting their visibility on the active storefront.
  • Streamlined attribute value comparison: Easily compare the attribute values between the live version and the draft version of a SKU, all from a single screen. This convenient feature allows you to review and ensure consistency and accuracy before publishing any updates.
  • Efficient filtering and SKU export: Seamlessly manage your SKUs with powerful filtering options. Sort and filter by status to streamline your workflow and efficiently export the SKUs you need. Stay organized and save time with this valuable capability.


  • Efficient product enrichment: The Draft state enables you to save a working copy of a product, allowing you to enrich it with additional information as it becomes available.
  • Simplified review and approval process: With the ability to save updates in draft mode, you can gather feedback and review changes before they are approved for publishing.
  • Effortlessly manage your product updates, maintain a flawless storefront experience, and streamline your review process with fabric Products’s powerful Draft state.

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Products EventBridge

Sample PIM event

Stay in the loop with product updates! This feature keeps you informed whenever changes are made to a product. Whether it’s creation, updates, or deletion, you’ll receive timely notifications.

Setting up notifications is a breeze. Just create a rule on our Products Delta Bus to specify where you want the event copies to go. You can choose targets like an HTTP endpoint, an SNS, or a lambda function, among others (see Amazon EventBridge targets).

With our flexible filtering options, you can fine-tune your notifications. Each property in the object can be used as a filter, ensuring you receive only the events that match your criteria (see Amazon EventBridge event patterns).

While the event doesn’t include the entire product data, it does provide the product’s ID and SKU. This means you can easily callback fabric’s product API and retrieve any additional information you need.

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fabric Dropship

Dropship Vendor Management Tools

Categories and commission profiles

Edit commissions

Maximize your earning potential as a retailer on fabric Dropship with our powerful commission management feature. Now you have the ability to set unique commission rates for different groups of products, giving you ultimate flexibility and control. Here’s how it works:

  • Simplify your catalog organization: Easily set up Categories to structure your product offerings and streamline management.
  • Tailor your commission structure: Create Commission Profiles with either flat commission rates or a structured approach that suits your business model and goals.
  • Fine-tune your commissions: Assign specific Commission Profiles to each Category, ensuring that the right rates are applied to the right products effortlessly.

Once everything is set up, the assigned commission rates will automatically be applied when a vendor fulfills a dropship order, ensuring accurate and fair compensation for your efforts.


  • Take control of your commissions
  • Maximize your profits

Learn more about categories and commission profiles

Compliance engine and vendor scores

Supplier details

Gain valuable insights into vendor performance and make data-driven decisions with the new Compliance feature. With this powerful tool, you’ll have the ability to:

  • Track vendor compliance over time: Stay informed about your vendors’ performance and progress over time by viewing their monthly compliance scores. This score serves as a benchmark to gauge their adherence to the standards you define.
  • Identify areas for improvement: Uncover opportunities for growth for every supplier. The Compliance feature highlights specific areas where vendors can improve their performance, empowering you to work collaboratively and drive positive change.
  • Benchmark vendors against each other: Gain a comprehensive view of your vendors’ compliance standings by comparing their scores against one another. This feature helps you assess their relative performance and make informed decisions when selecting or prioritizing vendors.


  • Effectively track, measure, and evaluate vendor performance, empowering you to optimize your supply chain and make informed decisions that drive success.

Learn more about vendor compliance scorecard

BigCommerce and Shopify connection updates

fabric Dropship connections

  • Vendor connection invites are now automatically resent after 3 days in case of no response.
  • Approved proposals can now be exported to Shopify & BigCommerce.
  • A new utility has been added to sync inventory for all items in fabric Dropship to their current state in Shopify or BigCommerce.
  • fabric Dropship can now split orders based on multiple ship-to addresses in BigCommerce.

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