The First, Single, End-to-End Platform for Commerce With Native OMS

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Setting a new standard for delivering seamless customer experiences

Today’s retailers face a constant balancing act: providing innovative solutions to enhance the customer journey, but also streamlining back-end operations. According to PwC, nearly 80% of American consumers say that speed, convenience, knowledgeable help, and friendly service are the most important elements of a positive customer experience.

Retailers, we’ve got you covered! We have built the first composable commerce solution with native OMS and dropshipping services to streamline inventory and order management, build a connected commerce retail journey, and drive more gross merchandise value (GMV) at higher margins with reduced risk. fabric OMS sets a new standard in the industry, redefining how retailers manage orders and drive growth in the digital age.

We believe in being “commerce-ready” anywhere, at all times. fabric OMS is natively built to work for your customer service teams, in a physical store, online, one DC to multiple DCs, and anywhere in between. Now you have a single source of truth for inventory and orders, leading to a better experience and return visits for shoppers.

Why Did We Build This?

When it comes to logistics, inventory, and order services, a massive gap has emerged between the needs of today’s shopper and a merchant’s ability to deliver against them. To date, retailers lacked a single, modular, and composable solution that enabled them to consolidate their technology vendors to deliver seamless customer experiences across digital and physical channels. Along with creating unnecessary friction and frustration, this growing rift has eroded customer loyalty and brand trust.

fabric OMS fills this gap as a fastest-in-class, high performance, and storefront-optimized OMS. It gives retailers real-time visibility and meticulous control over orders, inventory, fulfillment, and business rules, which ultimately leads to higher margins and more closed sales.

Key Benefits of fabric OMS

1. Speed: With ultra-fast storefront APIs and proprietary data harmonization features in fabric OMS, these capabilities combine data streaming with overlay processing to significantly increase e-commerce conversion rates. Retailers get the exact status of their commerce business in real time—from order placement, to pick up, to drop off—all within milliseconds.

2. Modularity: To achieve the shortest time to value, retailers can now modernize individual commerce and order management components by simply choosing to augment or replace existing services incrementally. This effectively derisks the transition to best-of-breed technologies by allowing you to deploy fabric OMS while keeping parts of your commerce stack or OMS—resulting in immediate value without the usual risk, cost, or potential disruption to operations.

3. Unified Commerce: fabric OMS doesn’t just help retailers meet SLAs and improve perfect order rates. By integrating seamlessly with fabric’s core services, it delivers the quickest, most accurate, and consistent commerce experience, making every phase of the shopping journey—from pre-purchase to post-purchase—delightful and free from frustrations.

4. Flexibility: fabric OMS boasts a no-code, best-in-class Merchant Configuration system that untangles complexity, allowing businesses to configure their rules and post-order workflows easily. With built-in customer service capabilities, you can streamline the customer service workflow or integrate with your existing tool kit with our API-first approach, enhancing the adaptability of the platform.

5. Accuracy: By presenting a global overview of on-shelf, in-transit, and on-order inventory in real time and across distribution centers, warehouses, stores, and suppliers, fabric OMS enhances over-selling prevention and minimizes order cancellations to improve customer satisfaction.

Advanced features for enterprise retailers

1. Real-Time Inventory Management:

  • Retailers can use our ultra-fast real-time API for inventory and location data. Plus, our self service inventory channel optimization rules and location outage planning ensures that inventory is accurately reflected wherever your customers need it.

2. Order Lifecycle & Communications:

  • fabric OMS is an enterprise-first platform capable of handling 200+ transactions per second (TPS). It offers proven, real-time low-latency for reads and writes at the scale of 1,000+ locations and millions of products.
  • To enhance transparency and reliability, the software also features a central source of truth for orders, real-time order communication and updates with 20+ out-of-the-box customer notification events, and also preordering and consent to delay automation.

3. AI-Enhanced Features:

  • Retail operators and merchants can leverage configurable OMS functionality without the need for a tech team. They can also use natural language search queries for quick and accurate inventory, order, and location information.

fabric OMS: Driving More GMV at Higher Margins With Less Risk

fabric’s OMS is more than just a single strategic asset for retailers. It’s designed to go beyond traditional inventory and order management to help retailers address key e-commerce pain points and scale operations. By enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction, fabric OMS can lead to higher conversion rates, increased sales, and greater customer loyalty, ultimately driving more GMV at higher margins with reduced risk.

With its blend of speed, modularity, and flexibility, it stands as a testament to fabric’s commitment to helping retailers deliver world-class shopping experiences. As the single, end-to-end platform, with native OMS and dropshipping services, it sets a new standard in the industry, revolutionizing how retailers manage orders and drive growth in the digital age.

Interested in seeing this in action? Feel free to reach out to us or you can stop by our booth at NRF 2024 to see a demo.

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Yon Nuta

CPO @ fabric. Previously the CPO @ Babylon Health and Co-President and CPO @ Gaia.

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