Bringing It All Together with Our Partner Program


At Fabric we believe that brands and retailers must move away from outdated, monolithic commerce platforms toward a service-oriented, API-driven architecture to create modern buying experiences at scale.

To do this, brands and retailers must also move away from app marketplaces offered by these monolithic platforms. While convenient, using apps and plugins from these marketplaces is insecure and severely unscalable.

But how do you replace the inherent connectedness and conveniences of monoliths and marketplaces when moving to a modern commerce architecture? How do you connect all of these new services together?

This is where our new partner program comes in.

Fabric Partners enables pre-integrations with best-in-class software providers (Algolia, Avalara, Stripe), access to solution design experts (VaynerCommerce, JIBE, SpinUP), and connections with platforms that share Fabric’s values of API-based, customer-driven design.

Our first official partnership with one of these platforms is with Amplience, a headless commerce experience platform for brands and retailers. In addition to having Fabric XM to choose from, this partnership makes it easy to use Fabric’s headless commerce APIs with Amplience’s headless CMS.

Fabric’s Partnership Program is a critical next step in transforming the brand experience for retailers without lengthy – and costly – development cycles. With Amplience as our first official partner, and numerous partnerships in the works, we’re committed to delivering best-of-breed offerings for every retailer we work with. – Faisal Masud, CEO @ Fabric


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Mari Ström

Global strategy and field marketing @ fabric. Previously @ Suplari and Accenture.

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