Learn Why Modern Commerce Begins With OMS in This New Ebook


E-commerce still feels new, but it’s more than 25 years old! That’s a lifetime in tech, especially for retailers that rely on legacy ERP systems to drive online commerce, payments, inventory management, order fulfillment, customer communications, and everything else.

Yeah, that’s a pain. It’s time to modernize.

Learn why in this new ebook: A Modern Solution for Modern Commerce.

A better omnichannel shopping experience happens with OMS

Commerce is a journey of clicks, engagements, and conversions that should kick-off fulfillment, adjust inventory levels, help customer service, and inform every other aspect of the customer journey. But, if your back-end systems aren’t talking, your customers will feel the pain. So will your employees.

Modernizing an order management system (OMS) gives customers a seamless experience, regardless of where their journey takes them — dropshipping, in-store, warehouse fulfillment, whatever.

This new ebook will help you understand how OMS makes for a better omnichannel retail experience for you and your customers.

ERP had its day decades ago, but OMS is today’s commerce solution

You know data is the key to success with today’s omnichannel customers. OMS provides a single view of what’s happening across the entire journey so you can put that data to use across service, support, order management, and returns, and give access to marketing and merchandising teams to better engage with customers and create new revenue opportunities.

Download “A Modern Solution for Modern Commerce” to learn how fabric OMS lets you create personalized customer experiences that define your brand while giving you insights from across the customer journey.

Are you ready to blast off on the OMS rocketship? Let’s go!

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