We are the first scalable commerce software company built on retail experience

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Our Values

Seek to understand before being understood.

We understand that communication starts by listening to understand, and requires an appreciation of other perspectives, regardless of urgency or authority, in order to identify and deliver the best solutions.

Say it like it is.

We are honest and authentic, knowing transparency and unwavering candor are critical to our success.

Insist on the highest standards.

We hold ourselves accountable for everything we do to ensure we deliver exceptional results and anything but a generic experience.

Earn trust.

We strive to be honest and authentic with a One fabric mindset in order to build a better team and company.

Consistently raise the bar.

We are relentless about raising the talent bar with every hire we make. We create an inclusive environment where our talent can thrive and grow.

Relentlessly pursue customer happiness.

Our customers are our #1 priority. We partner with customers to understand their needs and provide solutions they love.

Be self-aware and take ownership.

We are conscious not to take ourselves too seriously. We commit to continuously improving our performance and pushing through comfort barriers, while demonstrating resilience. We do not say it’s not our role or problem to solve.

Bias for execution.

We prioritize relentlessly. We have a bias for action, realizing the world changes quickly.

Show gratitude not attitude.

Embrace the journey. We recognize the opportunity to make a difference, leaving things in a better state. We reward those who bring forward and deliver solutions which contribute to better ways of working.

We build software to help businesses and people connect through commerce

When contemplating the vision for fabric, our co-founder arrived at this: Commerce is about trade, and trade is social dealings between people. It’s also a common framework across all our differences as humans. People often connect through nationality, race, religion, and other constructs, but one of the best ways to connect is through commerce. To facilitate this, something is needed to revolutionize outdated e-commerce technology and platforms. We call this fabric.

Similar to how cloud infrastructure supported the future of the internet decades ago, fabric is commerce infrastructure to support the future of trade. This e-commerce technology is delivered through our headless commerce platform, applications, and APIs to support merchandisers, operators, and developers within high-growth brands and retailers. With headless commerce as a service, these companies can connect with customers in ways that were only talked about before.

Built by commerce veterans

We have 50+ years of experience in enterprise commerce growth and product leadership, with roles at Google, Amazon, eBay, Staples, Dell, Groupon, and Restoration Hardware.

This is a photo of Chief Executive Officer Faisal Masud
Faisal Masud Chief Executive Officer
This is a photo of Chief Technology Officer Umer Sadiq
Umer Sadiq Chief Technology Officer
This is a photo of Chief Product Officer Yon Nuta
Yon Nuta Chief Product Officer
This is a photo of Chief Marketing Officer Karen Brewer
Karen Brewer Chief Marketing Officer
This a photo of Chief Revenue Officer Ben Pressley
Ben Pressley Chief Revenue Officer
This is a photo of Chief People Officer Val Rupp
Val Rupp Chief People Officer
This is a photo of Chief Legal Officer Krupa Shah
Krupa Shah Chief Legal Officer
This is a photo of Wesley Pua
Wesley Pua Chief Financial Officer

Board of Directors

This is a photo of Board member Alex Bard
Alex Bard Managing Director, Redpoint
This is a photo of Board member Scott Beechuk
Scott Beechuk Partner, Norwest Venture Partners
This is a photo of Board member Sandra Campos
Sandra Campos Independent Board Member
This is a photo of Board member Tim Guleri
Tim Guleri Managing Partner, Sierra Ventures
This is a photo of Board member Robert Kaplan
Robert Kaplan Investment Director, SoftBank Investment Advisers
This is a photo of Board member Ron Shah
Ron Shah Partner, Stripes


fabric is backed by industry leading investors.

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