Learn about our suite of commerce products and how fabric can help you evolve commerce without replatforming.

fabric is a cloud-native headless commerce platform. We offer a modular suite of commerce APIs and applications that best suit high-growth and established businesses. 

Our platform enables growth across all customer segments and channels and liberates your B2C, B2B, or multi-channel e-commerce business from the limits of monolithic platforms.

In addition to providing commerce APIs and applications, we provide a highly customizable and configurable headless CMS called Experience Manager (XM) for publishing world-class omnichannel experiences through content and commerce. Businesses can leverage this solution to deploy a digital storefront across channels quickly.

Unlike traditional commerce platforms, fabric lets you pick only the APIs and applications you require. You don’t need to pay for an entire platform that comes with services you do not need. Furthermore, you can easily integrate your selected services with your existing infrastructure and applications. 

fabric’s current commerce services include:

  • Storefront: a tool that guides you to quickly and easily launch a beautifully designed digital storefront.
  • Product Information Manager (PIM): imports and manages a large volume and variety of SKUs across all the channels.
  • Offers: gauges the effectiveness of promotions through an insights dashboard, giving an overview of orders and allowing you to make changes to SKUs easily.
  • Order Management System (OMS): employs end-to-end life cycle tracking by leveraging dashboards to forecast and organize inventory and fulfillment.
  • Subscriptions: automates repeat sales by rewarding repurchasing customers, managing subscription sales campaigns, and visualizing its effectiveness.
  • Member: allows you to attract new customers and reward and inspire your existing customers.

Each product is broken down into microservices for ultimate flexibility and scalability. For example, the OMS service is broken down into a cart, checkout, shipping, orders, and inventory microservice.

These services and microservices are available via RESTful APIs and a user interface called Co-Pilot that offers a complete merchant tools set.

Last update: Nov 24, 2021

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