Family refers to a template of a product consisting of a number of attributes and attribute groups to be shared by similar products. Family consists of a diverse set of attributes, all to be used by products' information form.

A PIM Family is essential for two main reasons:

  • When a product is added to a Family, it automatically inherits from all attributes defined at the Family level. A product can belong to only one Family.

  • While creating an Item, you can simply assign it a Family and all the attributes which are a part of the Family are automatically displayed to provide value against them. This means you won't need to add all the attributes to every item repeatedly.

  • Attribute Groups are basically an umbrella that saves you repetitive work. They don't replace Family, but help Families get more structure.
  • Attribute Groups are added to a Family, just how you'd add attributes to a Family.
  • Family, on the other hand, is a template of product and is made up of attributes and attribute groups.

  1. Navigate to Families from the left panel.
  2. Click Create Family in upper right corner.
  3. Provide a title to the Family.
  4. Select the attributes you want to add in the Family.
  5. Select the attribute groups you want to add to this family.
    • Note: In case of duplicate attributes coming from different groups or standalone, only the first attribute from the top will be active and rest shall be disabled.
  6. Arrange the order of the attributes.
    • You can set the order of each attribute and attribute group by dragging and dropping from the left
    • This would define the order in which attributes appear while creating the items
  7. Set the rules for each of the attributes of the Family.


  1. If True, it means this attribute will be responsible for creating the variants of any product. Variants are multiple versions of the same product. Like sizes, colors, etc.
  2. If False, then it will be a non-variant attribute for all the products in this family.


Default Value

  1. If True, the value set for this will auto-populate for all the products in the Family.
  2. If False, then no value will auto-populate.



  1. If True, then the default value of this attribute can be edited while adding a product/item.
  2. If False, then all the products in this Family will display the default value of the attribute with no option to edit it.



  1. If True, a value has to be entered for this attribute while creating a product/item.
  2. If False, then it is not mandatory to assign it a value.



  1. If True, this attribute and its value will be displayed to the buyer on the channel.
  2. If False, this attribute and its value will not be displayed to the buyer on the channel.
  3. Active
    • If True, then this attribute will be displayed for the future products during the Item creation flow.
    • If False, then the attribute will not be displayed to the future products during the Item creation flow.

Edit family
Edit family

Creating a Family and setting rules.

You will get a display of all the Families, along with some other information about each of the individual Family.

Family list
Family list

List view of Families in system

  1. Click the Family you wish to update or delete.
  2. You can add/remove attribute or default values or change rules.
    • You can delete a family by using the DELETE option in the footer (left bottom corner). Please note that a Family can be deleted only if there are no products added to it.
  3. Click Update.

Edit family
Edit family

Updating or deleting a Family

Last update: May 13, 2021

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