Create tailored checkout offers, fulfillment rules, and shipping options.

OMS attributes

The Settings main page has three sections:

  • Attributes - create custom options for customers to select at checkout, like gift wrap, gift messages, flat fulfillment/white glove services, etc.

  • Fulfillment - set fulfillment rules and priorities

  • Shipping and carrier - configure business rules and settings for shipping and delivery service-level agreements

Settings - main page

To create a new Attribute, select Attributes from the Settings menu and click Create. Fill out the following information in the Attribute Basic Information form:

  • Select Attribute Type - choose String if the attribute will contain characters like gift messaging, or Boolean if the attribute is a simple yes/no or true/false option

  • Add Attribute Name - the attribute’s name

  • Price - the additional charge for things like gift wrapping or other special instructions from the customer

  • Attribute description - choose whether the Attribute will apply to the entire order, or only to select SKUs.

When you’re finished, click Create.

Settings - Attributes

The Fulfillment section allows you to set priorities so that orders with multiple items can be split and fulfilled from one or multiple warehouses.

To create a new Fulfillment method, select Fulfillment from the Settings menu. Click the Add New button, give the fulfillment method a name, and click Save.

If an item in your inventory is available to ship from multiple warehouse locations, use the options in the Fulfillment Priority section to set whether the item:

  • Ships from the closest warehouse to the customer 

  • Ships from your own custom warehouse order priority. Use the drag-and-drop feature to rearrange the priority of fulfillment methods

Please refer to the Warehouse section for instructions on how to add a new warehouse and the Inventory section to see how to add and manage Inventory in OMS.

Use the headless API from OMS to build the orchestration for customers on the Product Listing, Product Description, and Checkout pages.

Settings - Fulfillment

The Shipping and carrier menu has options to enter everything from shipping costs and duration to freight options and restrictions.

To add new Shipping and carrier information, click Add Shipping and fill out the following sections:

Basic Information

  • Carrier name

  • Shipment cost: the shipping cost you charge the customer

  • Shipping description (optional): e.g.; "Guaranteed delivery by 9PM tomorrow"

  • Channel: US Web or CA Web

  • Shipment tax code: the code provided by your tax service

Carrier SLA

  • Minimum days to deliver

  • Maximum days to deliver

  • Cut-off time: the daily deadline for a warehouse to process the last order

Freight options & Restrictions

  • Minimum and maximum fields for an item’s weight, length, width, and height

Product Selection

Choose whether the Shipping and carrier rules apply to specific products only, or to a purchase’s entire cart value.

  • To specific products: use the Add Products button to select eligible products

  • Cart Value: enter a minimum and maximum cart value

When you’re finished configuring the Add Shipping and Carrier attributes, click Save at the top-right of the page.

Settings - Shipping and Carrier

Last update: Jan 04, 2022

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