Inventory is the stock of goods across locations. This article shows you how to manage Inventory in Fabric OMS.

OMS Inventory Screen

  • Stock-Keeping Unit ID (SKU ID) is the unique, alphanumeric ID associated with each individual product. This is often captured as a scannable barcode.

  • A product is "in stock" when there is available inventory, which can be delivered to a customer from an eligible warehouse.

  • A product is "in transit" when it is ordered and fulfilled but not yet arrived at an eligible warehouse. In transit product does not count as an in stock inventory.

  • A product is "out of stock" when there is no available inventory that a customer can receive from an eligible warehouse.

  • A product is "reserved" when it is allocated to an order.

  • Available stock is calculated by removing "reserved" stock from "in stock" stock.

The Inventory Overview page is populated with a list of all items in inventory.  Use the search field to easily find the items you want to check. 

Available stock and In transit counts are available on the Inventory Overview page.

Inventory overview
Inventory overview

Click on an Item to view the Item detail screen.  Inventory details are available by channel, status, and warehouse. 

Inventory details
Inventory details

1. Click Import in the upper left of the Inventory Overview page.

2. Select a file to upload. An import template is available for download via OMS. The template includes:

  • SKU ID
  • Total Quanitity
  • Reserved Quantity
  • Location ID
  • Type
  • Channel ID
  • Transit Reference
  • Transit Order Date
  • Transit Stock Date

3. Click Upload file.

Note: Inventory cannot be updated manually in Copilot at this time.  Inventory must be added through csv file import.


1. Navigate to Inventory Overview page.

2. Click arrow next to Import.

3. Click Import History.

4. Check Inventory History.

Note: Click an import ID with an error for information on why the inventory was not uploaded properly.

Last update: Jun 09, 2021

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