Feature Friday Ep. 3 | Optimizing Promotions in Real-Time

fabric Feature Friday Ep. 3: Optimizing Promotions in Real-Time

Imagine a scenario where your spring sale is booming, traffic is soaring, and conversions are breaking records. With traditional commerce systems, capitalizing on this momentum by adding more products to the promotion could be a logistical nightmare. Not with fabric.

Watch as we highlight fabric’s Co-Pilot, the ultimate command center for managing your ecommerce experience with efficiency and ease. Highlights include:

  • Instant Updates: With just a few clicks, add new items to ongoing sales, ensuring you can leverage successful campaigns without delay.
  • Intuitive Interface: Navigate through our product catalog, flag items for promotion, and see updates reflected on your storefront in seconds.
  • Automated Merchandising: Added items are automatically merchandised in the relevant sale collection with the promotion applied, thanks to Fabric’s configurable promotion engine.

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