Subscriptions lets merchants sell items and ship them to customers on a recurring basis.

Subscriptions' recurring payment setup ensures secured payments without repetitive customer activity. Using Subscriptions, merchants increase their revenue and improve customer retention.

Subscriptions cater to these users:

  • Merchants: Using the Subscriptions user interface, merchants can create subscription plans for replenishable items. They can even set various permutations on a subscription. For example, they can offer an item that ships thrice every week and another that ships once every four weeks. Lastly, they can manage their subscribed customers and their accompanying orders
  • Customers/Subscribers: Customers now purchase and receive products in a recurring and automated manner. They need not perform repetitive purchases on essential items. They become regular subscribers. As a subscriber, they can review purchase history, swap products, update billing and card information, cancel the subscription, and much more.

The following briefly describes the features of Subscriptions:

  • Recurring payment setup: Subscriptions’ user interface lets merchants create recurring payments or subscriptions. They can add products, specify payment type and shipment and charge frequency for the subscription. They can even include a discount option.
  • Easy configuration and modification of subscriptions: In most traditional commerce platforms, customers need to cancel the current subscription and start a new one to switch products. But in Subscriptions, merchants can easily modify products without having to change the subscription plan. At the same time, customers can swap products on a live subscription. Both merchants and customers don’t need to cancel a subscription and then create or subscribe to a new one to change items.
  • Split payments: Merchants can allow customers to spread their payments across multiple payment methods when subscribing to a yearly subscription. Customers can split the payments appropriately within their capacity to pay. This feature is unlike other commerce platforms where they charge customers in one go to start the subscription.

Here are some examples where the use of Subscriptions is suitable:

  • High growth businesses looking to provide better customer experiences: Businesses can use Subscriptions to provide better subscription experiences for their customers. They can allow customers to apply discounts, swap products, skip deliveries, or split the payments on their subscriptions. Customers can also receive notifications regarding their subscriptions through email or SMS. These experiences help businesses retain their subscribers.
  • E-commerce startups looking to offer subscription services: Startups can quickly roll out subscription services from their storefronts using Subscriptions. Whether it's their storefront or Fabric's Storefront, Subscriptions can integrate with it. They can easily create subscription plans and manage subscribers and their accompanying orders using Subscriptions' intuitive user interface.

Last update: May 12, 2021

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