Fabric is used by high-growth startups and enterprises that want to modernize today’s buying experiences and prepare for the future of commerce.

Brands and retailers currently using or planning on using Fabric are typically looking for one of three solutions. The solution they choose depends on the size of their business and available resources:

  • Enterprise Commerce: Larger businesses use Fabric to gradually break down legacy commerce platforms and modernize their tech stack with zero downtime.
  • Venture Commerce: Growing brands use Fabric to eliminate limitations imposed by SMB commerce platforms like Shopify Plus and BigCommerce.
  • Integrated Commerce: Both enterprises and high-growth startups come to Fabric for holistic commerce solutions. We architect and implement a modern tech stack, then help the business grow through digital strategy, product management as a service (PMaaS), and growth marketing.

Startups move to Fabric from commerce platforms like Shopify Plus (our customer IQBAR); enterprises move to Fabric from platforms like Cambar and homegrown internal systems (our customer GNC). These platforms present severe limitations for startups and enterprises that want to scale.

While platform limitations vary from business to business, startups and enterprises move to Fabric at similar times. Startups move to Fabric after hitting the $10 million annual revenue mark. Enterprises move to Fabric when modernizing their outdated technology stacks and implementing agile practices. At these times, moving from a monolithic commerce platform to a service-oriented platform like Fabric can not be delayed.

Due to its service-oriented and API-driven design, Fabric supports any commerce use case. It supports more traditional use cases like selling products in-store, on websites, and mobile applications. Loyalty programs, subscription programs, dropshipping setups, and marketplaces can be created for these channels.

In addition to this, Fabric supports the future of commerce. Selling products through streaming media platforms and IoT devices. Augmenting or replacing advertisements and affiliate ads with native commerce. Being first adopters of technologies that let people discover, purchase, and receive products more seamlessly.

Below are some of our customers and short descriptions of how they are using Fabric.

abc carpet & home

  • Category: Home Decor
  • Product used: PIM, OMS, Offers, XM, Storefront


  • Category: Nutrition
  • Product used: PIM


  • Category: Home Improvement
  • Product used: XM, Offers, Storefront


  • Category: Nutrition
  • Product used: PIM, Loyalty, Mobile
  • Services used: FDS


  • Category: Nutrition (D2C)
  • Product used: PIM, OMS, Offers, XM, Storefront, Subscription, Fabric Pay

MSC Industrial Supply

  • Category: B2B Equipment Distribution
  • Product used: Loyalty, Mobile
  • Services used: FDS


  • Category: Chemical Supplier
  • Product used: XM, Storefront

National Business Furniture

  • Category: Office Furniture
  • Product used: XM, Storefront


  • Category: OEM Hardware
  • Product used: XM, Storefront

Universal Lacrosse

  • Category: Sporting Goods
  • Product used: PIM, XM, Offers, OMS, POS, Storefront, Fabric Pay, Loyalty

Vivo Technologies

  • Category: I.T. Solutions Provider
  • Product used: XM, PIM, OMS, Offers, Storefront, Fabric Pay
  • Services used: FDS

Last update: Jul 22, 2021

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