Attribute groups, essentially, are clubs of attributes where you can collate similar types of attributes and wherever you need all these attributes together, you can just make a call to the attribute group.

Attribute Groups, as the name suggests, are to keep attributes in a group and use them as a set wherever required.

For example, you have four attributes to define dimension of the products, Length, Width, Height, Depth. Now while creating a product, you need to add all four of them each time. Instead of that, you can just create a group called Dimension and add this group each time you have to add these attributes to a product or a family.

  1. Go to Attribute Groups in the left navigation sections
  2. Click on CREATE ATTRIBUTE GROUP in top right corner
  3. Add a TITLE for the attribute group
  4. Select attributes that you want to add to the attribute group

Create attribute group
Create attribute group

  1. Click on the desired attribute group from the list of attribute groups.
  2. Make the required changes.
  3. Update the details.
  4. An attribute group can be deleted using the Delete Group button in the left bottom corner.

Note: Only Attribute groups that are not part of a family can be deleted.

Edit attribute group
Edit attribute group

Last update: May 07, 2021

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