• Refers to the identifier of the product. This has to be a unique ID for every product.

  • Date from which the item should go live on the respective channel. If you wish to take it online immediately, select the same date.

  • Date till which you plan to sell the item on the channel. If you are unsure about the end date, leave it to 12/31/2099, which is the default value.

  • Allows you to delete the product from the database entirely. Warning: There are no copies of the product. Once you delete it, it can't be brought back.

  • This refers to the state at which you want to keep the product. A disabled product won't be displayed on the channel for which it had been created. An enabled product is ready to go live on the channel. Disabling a product pulls it down from the channel. However, it stays in the system and can be re-enabled.

  • This refers to the state of a particular variant with respect to the channel. You cannot delete a variant, disabling it will simply pull it down from the channel.

  • Refers to the identifier of variants. It is necessary for a variant to go live.

Last update: Apr 28, 2021

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