Release date: August 30, 2021


Bulk import of CSV files is now provided for orders. A downloadable template is also available for easier import.

Design updates to the OMS UI enable easier navigation, status views for orders and warehouse details, and an improved order filtering experience. 

New settings for checkout options, fulfillment rules and shipping are now available.

Release date: January 29, 2021


Now you can give customers the option to split a payment across multiple payment methods such as Gift Cards, Loyalty Points, PayPal and Credit/Debit Cards. You can also authorize customer payment methods and store payment details using the payment gateway of your choice. Learn more about this feature in the blog post announcement.


Split Payments

Fabric supports split payments between these payment methods:

  • Gift Card
  • Loyalty Points
  • and Credit/Debit Cards
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • PayPal


Multiple Payment Gateways

Customers can make full or partial payments through the payment gateway of your choice. Fabric supports the following payment gateways:

  • Stripe

Release date: January 29, 2021


Ability to import tracking numbers to move orders to Shipped status: Using Fabric Copilot OMS, you can now import tracking IDs in Bulk as a CSV to move orders to shipped status.

December 2020


JSON Web Token (JWT) is now mandatory for the following Wishlist APIs: 

  • POST /api-cart/wishlist - Add item to wishlist.
  • DELETE /api-cart/wishlist/user/{userId}/item/{itemId} - Remove item from wishlist.
  • GET /api-cart/wishlist/user/{userId} - Retrieve wishlist for the specified user ID. 

The response of these APIs using JWT is an object with a user ID and an array of Item IDs.

Note: ‌If JWT is not provided, you will see a 403 error code with the message “Unauthorized User.”

December 2020


New features

External inventory search - By enabling external inventory search in Co-pilot OMS, you can now get generic items and multiple items by itemId.

This API /api-inventory/inventory/generic/1000000002?query=itemId endpoint enables you to get generic items by itemid.

This API /api-inventory/inventory endpoint helps you retrieve details of a single item or multiple items from the inventory by itemid.


Inventory feed API

Users can now be provided with an option to add itemIds on top of the existing options for SKU. Both SKU and Item ID can be passed together. If the mapping between SKU and Item ID is not correct, the user will see an error "SKU and Item ID do not match." One of the ID's (SKU or Item ID) is mandatory. If both SKU and Item ID are passed, Item ID will be used as a preferred parameter.

You can import inventory items in Bulk as a CSV to upload all the inventory items at once.

POST/api-inventory/inventory/bulk-insert - Through this API endpoint, we enable you to easily update your inventory, in bulk.


  • If incorrect itemId is passed, you will see an error message as “Inventory insert failed: Row 2: Cannot find 'itemId' 1100000213.”
  • If an incorrect SKU ID is passed, you will see an error message as “Inventory insert failed: Row 1: Cannot find 'sku' a93120.”


Inventory sync (via Algolia)

This new feature is built for merchants who want their inventory data (Algolia Platform ) to be in sync with any inventory updates within the platform. Prior to this enhancement, inventory data was updated in a CRON job that runs every four hours.

Now, we have updated the inventory microservice to invoke the SNS event itemAddUpdateSnsTopic to drive sync whenever inventory changes occur.

December 2020


New features


Order cancellation by customers and merchants

There are times when orders must be canceled if they were ordered by mistake or the item is out-of-stock, etc. Prior to this release, users could not cancel orders from the UI.

Now, customers and merchants can cancel orders directly from the UI, based on the following criteria:

  • The order is placed within 24 hours.
  • Order is not shipped.


Order cancellation by customers

Customers can cancel their orders directly from the UI of your e-commerce store. You can configure the cancellation reasons and the corresponding codes to analyze the cancellations. Example: Customer cancels an order because the “item description is incorrect” and the corresponding cancellation code is 2006. You can analyze all the cancellations associated with 2006, and take corrective steps to resolve any description-related issues.

A new API PATCH / api-order/orders/cancel is introduced to support customer-driven order cancellations. This API is triggered when a customer clicks the Cancel Order button from your site.


Order cancellation by merchants

You can cancel orders directly from the co-pilot UI. You can configure the cancellation reasons and the corresponding code for future reference and analysis. Example: You are canceling an order because the customer’s address isn’t correct, and the reason code is 1003. You can analyze all the cancellations associated with 1003, and take corrective measures to fix the issue at the source.

A new API POST /api-order/orders/bulk-cancel is introduced to support merchant-driven order cancellations. You may cancel a single order or multiple orders in bulk, as per your requirement.


Feature enhancements


Ability to save order filtering criteria

When you apply Filter on the Orders page, the filter criteria are saved, even when you navigate to another page.

Save filter in OMS
Save filter in OMS

Last update: Sep 21, 2021

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