Orders record what a customer purchased. This article shows you how to manage Orders in Fabric OMS.

OMS Orders Screen

  • Order: a record of a purchase, created when a customer completes checkout with at least one product or service charge
  • Order date: the date the customer placed the order
  • Shipped date: the date the order is transferred to a carrier for delivery
  • Billing address: the address used to validate payment
  • Shipping address: the address used for order delivery

Filter, search, and sort make it easy for you to find the orders you need. The Order Status summary at right will update based on search results or filters applied. Exported results will also be limited to the subset of orders on the Orders page when the export is initiated.

  1. Navigate to Order Overview page.
  2. Click Filter button.
  3. Select your filter criteria (order status, date, order value, item quantity, or location).
  4. Click Apply filters.

Filter orders in OMS
Filter orders in OMS


The Order Status view provides a breakdown of all orders and their current status. This monitoring capability enables instant visibility of issues at all steps of the ordering process.

Order status
Order status


The Add more dropdown widget will expand to select and include additional column options such as Order Value and Quantity that were previously shown in the default view display.

Order status drop down
Order status drop down


The filter for Order Date has been moved to the new Date dropdown selection which remains to show the default view of orders from the last month.

Order date
Order date


Use the Search bar to find a specific order.  Search using order information or customer information.

  1. Navigate to Order Overview page.
  2. Click order to be shipped.
  3. Add Tracking number in the pending shipment section.
  4. Add shipment details:
    • Shipment provider
    • Tracking number
    • SKUs
  5. Click Save.

Note: Once saved, an email is automatically sent to the customer with the tracking number.

Shipment details
Shipment details

  1. Navigate to Order Overview page.
  2. Click the order to be cancelled.
  3. Click Cancel order in the upper right of the screen.
  4. Select cancellation reason.
  5. Click Cancel order.

Note: Order cancellation can not be undone.

Cancel order
Cancel order

Merchants can now easily bulk import CSV files using the new Import button. A downloadable sample template is also available for merchants to populate.

Uploading the CSV file

Click the Import button in the upper left of the Order Overview page

Download and edit the CSV template. Example data is provided.

  • In the CSV file, ensure that all fields are filled are appropriately filled out with correct data types
  • Only alphanumeric characters and numbers are allowed; no blank spaces, returns, line breaks or other characters.
  • Each field also has set data types which will result in an error if not entered correctly (data types can be viewed below in chart)
  • Confirm that file is saved as .CSV and the file name contains no spaces.

Once the CSV file has been populated, click the Choose File button and attach the specific file

Click Upload file to complete the operation.

Note: Orders in bulk cannot be updated manually in Copilot to shipped status at this time. Processing bulk Orders to shipped status must be added through the CSV file import.


Import CSV file
Import CSV file



Last update: Aug 31, 2021

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