The user interface for interacting with fabric products.

Copilot is the user interface used to render all fabric applications.  Customers use Copilot to access Member, Offers, OMS, PIM, Subscriptions, and XM.  Copilot was designed to allow operators to manage their digital commerce needs directly, significantly reducing dependence on technical development resources.  

Copilot is comprised of three main components: Log-in, Navigation, and User Management. These components are shared across all fabric products.


Users must be invited to the Copilot application by a system administrator.  Once invited, the user will receive an email containing a link to Copilot and their account ID.  On first log-in, the user will set their password.  



Users navigate across Copilot applications using the global header.  This header remains at the top of the screen for easy access.

Users navigate within each Copilot application using navigation panels on the left-hand side of each individual application.


User Management

Administrators can add and remove users in the "Manage Users" section, accessible via the Copilot Overview page.

Last update: Nov 24, 2021

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