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With Offers, merchants can set up multiple price types for any product for a specified duration. They can create and schedule promotions or coupons that target SKUs or groups of SKUs. Using Offers, they can design a range of pricing and promotional strategies needed to attract and win more customers.

Order Management System (OMS) is Fabric's solution to e-commerce order, inventory, and warehouse management. At its core, OMS is a system that enables merchants to manage the order life cycle from start to finish. With an intuitive user interface and APIs for order and inventory support. With OMS, merchants not only benefit from having an efficient order management process. They're now capable of providing excellent order support and customer experiences to inspire repeat purchases from their customers.

PIM is a tool that enables merchants to build a centralized source of product information. Fabric customers can collect product data from different data sources such as databases or flat files and import it into PIM. They can validate and refine the data using business rules to ensure accuracy and quality. Product information can be enhanced to include detailed product descriptions and specifications, including detailed technical data, usage data, and media files. This enriched data can then be distributed to various channels like mobile apps, online marketplaces, and social media platforms.

Fabric enables merchants to accept online payments from their customers. Either through Fabric Pay or another third-party provider, Fabric customers can process payments with confidence.

Security, compliance, and exceptional support are extremely important to Fabric. Securing our customers' data is and will remain a top priority. We maintain a variety of certifications to prove our adherence to the most rigorous industry standards. We actively monitor our system to detect and address threats. Our incident response team is on-call 24/7/365 to ensure our customers always have the support they need.

Fabric’s integration platform, named Fusion, enables merchants to communicate bi-directionally from Fabric services to external third party services. These integrations are API driven, and enable any use case a merchant needs to ensure smooth operations of their e-commerce platform. Fabric Fusion continues to grow daily, so talk with your Fabric project team for more information!

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