Commerce APIs

Customize without limits

Create differentiated shopping experiences across infinite channels with a full suite of APIs


Headless commerce is no longer just a trendy term used by marketers and developers. It represents the future of omnichannel commerce. With our suite of e-commerce APIs you can separate the frontend of your sales channels (i.e. heads) from your backend systems. This lets you scale commerce and adopt agile practices that are necessary to create personalized shopping experiences anywhere.

Extensible and flexible

With fabric, RESTful APIs complement every new platform feature for maximum flexibility and options for extensibility. Our serverless architecture and composable units for major domains make this possible.

Supporting Features

  1. Cart API

    Add items to cart, merge guest carts with user carts, apply promotions to carts, and more.

  2. Orders APIs

    Delete carts after checkout, get orders by user, add shipments, and more.

  3. Shipping APIs

    Create a multi-carrier shipping and logistics solution without expensive infrastructure.

  4. Inventory APIs

    fabric supports easy retrieval of items and bulk inventory updates through secure API endpoints.

  5. Items API

    Track and monitor items and retrieve item details based on item ID or SKU.

  6. Promo APIs

    Validate applied promos and retrieve the latest price of items, along with applicable offers and discounts.

Why should you switch to API-first commerce?

fabric offers a full suite of powerful e-commerce APIs built on open and serverless architecture that enables unification of all your sales channels. Embracing the Application Programming Interface (API) economy is the primary step towards scaling commerce faster. Also, moving towards digital modernization through microservices (and away from legacy platforms) lets you compete better in the market through our unified platform.

How do fabric's e-commerce APIs work?

Our APIs are based on REST (Representational State Transfer) architectural principles and follow standard REST practices. All our services are run through loosely coupled microservices to ensure smooth operation. By connecting with fabric APIs, you can develop a custom e-commerce solution, improve operational efficiency, and ensure profitability. When you contact us, ask to leverage our Postman collection to test drive our e-commerce APIs.

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